Choosing a web camera

Currently webcams are widespread. Often you can get a webcam built into the monitor of a desktop computer or laptop screen. Or you can purchase it separately. It is not easy; to choose a suitable webcam (web camera) with today's variety. They vary in functionality, design, method of attachment, and, of course, prices. First, you should decide, what the purpose of purchasing a webcam, and how it will be used. If you need it just to see the other party during communication in the network, it will be enough, a simple webcam at the lowest price. In this case you cannot think about the extras and focus on the appearance of the device.

But if you plan to film or video surveillance, video conferencing, or you like to use the technique of high quality, then you should take a more responsible choice.

Consider the basic parameters at which to look for, when selecting webcam. 

First, type of solution is the matrix. Matrices are CCD and CMOS, depending on the technology of production. It is believed, that the better CCD matrix, provides low noise and better color reproduction, and therefore it more expensive. The image quality depends on the resolution of the matrix - the more the better. But if you buy a camera with high resolution, then make sure, that the speed of your Internet connection is high enough, otherwise the image transfer will be delayed.

Another important factor - is shooting speed or the number of frames per second.

Webcams capture a series of frames consecutively, which turns out the video later. If the frame rate is low, it may seems, that the video slows down, as pictures follow each other not quickly enough. However, the playback quality is affecting not only the rate of capture, but also computer performance and speed of Internet connections.

Next thing to consider - is the interface connection. Today, virtually every webcam connects to your computer via USB. Now, the most popular and fastest interface – is USB 2.0.

Another important part of a Web camera - is its objective, because the quality of the image depends on it. Viewing angle of the lens depends on its focal length. The bigger it is, the less the angle and the objects are larger. It should focus on something which is supposed to have distance between the lens and the subject.

In addition to these, there are many different options: a built-in microphone or headset in the kit, the size and weight, color depth, cable length, the presence of buttons for shooting photos, the method of fixation (on the monitor or on a table), compatibility with drivers for the operating system, tilt angles, the angle of the horizontal face tracking function, the presence of complete cover and so on.

The choice is yours. Only a rational approach, and a landmark in the use of Web cameras, will help you to find a decent option.

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Or you can purchase it separately. It is not easy; to choose a suitable webcam (web camera) with today's variety.