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1: England: A person catches a cold 200 times in his life
On October 25, a reporter from the World Wide Web (WWW) reported that according to a latest research of England, averagely a person catches a cold 200 times in his life, averagely lasting nine days ev..

2: The newest nod32 keys
Here is the newest nod32 keys     2012-05-31:   Username: EAV-59363841 Password: jp2ne237bc Expiry Date: 15.06.2012   Username: TRIAL-66579677 Password: pk8xjumre7 Expire date: 19..

3: My family open a restaurant !
A: My family has a goldfish died yesterday (depressed ...)B: There is no big deal, and my family fish tank die every day for every day!A: Why! ! ?B: My family open a restaurant !A:. . . . ...

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