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All weather surfaces – use them when you like

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by: Gareth hoyles
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Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 Time: 6:20 AM

There’s a greater demand for society to recycle and re-use on a regular basis at the moment, therefore it comes as no big surprise that All weather surfaces have become so popular.  They’re made from recycled plastics and old car tyres and All weather surfaces are ideal to use as Equestrian surfaces.

Car tyres in particular are fabulous to use as All weather surfaces, they’re chopped up into little chippings then spread across an arena.  Cheap to buy, the All weather surfaces represent excellent value for money and they’re readily available from specialist suppliers who sell a wide range of Equestrian surfaces.

The benefits of All weather surfaces

Obviously the main benefit of All weather surfaces is you can use them throughout the year, their name gives them away slightly in this regard.  However, that’s just one of the many benefits of All weather surfaces that are used as Equestrian surfaces.

Lay the All weather surfaces in an arena or gallop area and they provide a cushion for the horses, they reduce strain on the legs and make it more pleasurable for the horse to trot or gallop around.  In the summer the All weather surfaces prevent dust from flying into the air and in the winter they help to prevent the ground from freezing, hence the all-weather tag.

Where else can you use All weather surfaces

Of course, not everybody wants to use the All weather surfaces as Equestrian surfaces, other people find rubber chippings are extremely useful to use in other areas as well.

Scatter All weather surfaces in play areas and they provide a carpet of protection on the floor.  Used under climbing frames, swings and slides the All weather surfaces are highly effective, they provide a cushioning carpet for children to land upon.  Plus the All weather surfaces are often used in gardens to keep weeds at bay and people have been known to put them inside chicken coops.

Whatever you want to use All weather surfaces for they provide you with a comfortable layer of chippings that can be walked or ridden upon at all times of the year.

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All weather surfaces is provided by our Cheshire based company where they are both supplied and manufactured. provides Equestrian surfaces as well - visit our website today!

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