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11: Dressage Tack
Your horse should have his own saddle and bridle, adjusted to fit, and kept in good condition. Do not be tempted to use an item of tack just because other people are using it; you should only use what your horse really needs.

12: Are You Searching For the Perfect Riding Horse?
Before you go to great expense of buying a horse, you need to consider how much commitment and time you will be investing in your riding career. You can even evaluate how good a rider you are, and how much you really know about horses and horse care.

13: Horse Riding Safety
Your horse riding is to be taken very seriously to be successful. Horse colors are very important to some people: some enjoy a black horse; others enjoy a white horse, while others prefer a grey horse, or want to know the if the breed of horse originated in Czechoslovakia.

14: Good Equestrians Want To Know More
If you are someone who is passionate about riding a horse, and you want to use your time to learn more about your horse, then you might be interested in learning about horse riding.

15: Good Horse Tack
What can the online information on horsemanship do for you? Of course it is time saving. If you are busy with your day to day activities, then taking online lessons would be a good idea. You would just have to spare a few minutes of the time that you have in a day and be able to learn the aspects that come with horse riding.

16: Dressage Riding - Using Correct Rein Contact
Horseback riding has grown as a long time favourite sport, and has just recently begun to become popular not just in the USA but all over the world, which is why using the correct rein contact is so important in riding. A rider's hands needs to guide, encourage - with alittle give and take without being hard or too strong.

17: Here are Words of Advice to Horse Lovers.
Training should be kept as simple and clear as possible, with no secret about the correct thing to do - just dedication on your part. I hope that this article will help make the life of your horse or your horses more comfortable. As I wish you good riding and happy horses.

18: Are You Looking for the Perfect Dressage Saddle for Your Horse?
Saddles are usually made of wood, with the majority of saddles based around a structure called the tree, and the tree must fit the horse. Forget about cheap saddles. Why? Because quite literally, you DO get what you pay for if you buy a cheap saddle. And it's not just that you will be uncomfortable, but it will not make your horse all that happy either, and may actually do him harm. Ok you've tried cheap and figured out that isn't the way to go. You've tried expensive and, well, that worked, but holy smokes are the prices ever high. So here are some tips on how to shop for your next saddle.

19: Understand Dressage and Horses.
Dressage is the fastest growing equestrian activity today. It covers training the rider, training the horse and preparing for dressage competitions. Classical riding and training methods have survived for hundreds of years, largely passed down by word of mouth. These techniques have been proven to do the greatest good for the greatest number of horses. It is all about the gradual, systematic and gymnastic development of the horse.

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