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1: Did God Really Create Sexes In Humans?
God created all the living beings on planet earth. Human beings he created lastly. God blessed humans to multiply and fill the earth. What was God's main purpose and plans for the human reproductions?

2: Wotan and Norse Odin God, Two Gods From Ancient Mythology
Wotan and Norse Odin God, Two Gods From Historic Mythology

3: Bible Player
Reading Bible is One of the day to day actions we are performing with effect to our life achievements. Can everyone read it without disturbance? can any one say?. So what can be the alternative ?

4: Child Evangelism; the Biblical Basis
We believe that telling children the good news about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is biblical. It is both our responsibility

5: Message of peace from Prem Rawat
Prem Rawat Maharajji is an inspirational speaker who is spreading a message of peace and hope to the people worldwide.

6: Prayers for Healing: Do They Work?
As Christians, we are taught from a young age that we should pray for things that we want. That, of course, isn’t the only reason to pray.

7: Statues of Hinduism and Hindu Divinity
Hinduism is the dominant religion of India. It can be termed as “Sanatana Dharma” meaning “The Eternal Law”. India is home to many Gods and Goddesses who are all depicted in the many religious books on Hinduism

8: All Things Work Together For Your Good
Can all things work for your good? Is it possible for God to use bad situations for your good? The problem that came your way is not the end of the matter. God has another plan for it. This article is to share how God can use an undesirable situation in your life to make life desirable for you.

9: Give back to me, my rosary
This occurs when sometime in our campus; it made my mind to just leave my things there in our classroom.

10: An extraordinary woman
Now I am having a small study about all existing religion, asking some professors, relatives, and some unbiased friends on what their stands on religion

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