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Pena Nieto and Angelica Rivera: A Fairy Tale Wedding

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by: LelouchLambourne
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Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 Time: 12:22 AM

It was a fairy tale wedding indeed for fans of both Governor Pena Nietoand actress Angelica Riverafinally celebrated their marital union last 2010. This marriage also gave their respective children a chance to enjoy a complete family once more. Rivera has three children from her first marriage, which ended in divorce but is not recognized by the Roman Catholic Church since it was held in a beach. Nieto is in the same boat, with three children as well although his ended with widowhood when Monica, his first wife, died due to complications caused by epilepsy.


Unlike unions between show business and politics, Nieto and Rivera’s appeared to be a real match made in heaven. They are both attractive individuals on their own rights, which is readily evinced by the many press photos one can find of them online or in the latest magazines and newspapers of Mexico. There is also no huge age gap between the two that may raise a number of eyebrows or even offend the more conservative members of Mexican society. Rivera is 41 years old while Nieto is forty-four.


Pena Nietoand his wife, Angelica, made the right decision to have their wedding in Toluca, which is located past the borders of Mexico City. If it was held in the capital of Mexico, it could have been a security nightmare as the police were sure to have difficulties controlling the crowds that loved Nieto and saw him as the next savior for Mexico. It would have been just as hard to control the devoted fans of Rivera, who were sure to be eager to congratulate their beloved Gaviotta or the Seagull.


Guests for the couple were like a list of who’s who in politics and show business. Nevertheless, these individuals were invited for their close relationship to the couple and this was easily observed at the genuinely bright smiles that all the guests’ faces had when the couple finally exchanged I do’s. From the announcement of the couple’s relationship to their wedding, Rivera’s network, Televisa, has unofficially consideredPena Nietoas the candidate most likely to win the 2012 presidential elections.


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Mexico is a deeply religious country and it could have been possible that things would not work out as positively for Pena Nietoif he was not able to marry Rivera, who was previously divorced. Thankfully, a visit with the Pope was able to clear things for the couple, with the nullification of Rivera’s first marriage.

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