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21: Come to know about fake degree
Want to Many of the organization prefer to appoint qualified who have degree. Even though it is very dangerous to buy a diploma, most people are obtaining fake degree, fake diploma and diploma fake moreover to get a promotion or to change careers.

22: 2010 - Memorable and Forgettable American Political Class Quotes For The Year
This article reviews some of the more outrageous and inane comments made by American politicians in 2010. Unfortunately, these are the same politicians running a government that has not solved a major issue or cirsis facing America for what seems like forever while wasting trillions of dollars in the process.

23: The World’s Most Powerful Woman-Michelle Obama
US fist lday-Michelle Obama is viewed as the most powerful woman in the world that she beated out heads of state, chief executives and celebrities.

24: Hong Kong wants to attract foreigners to its shores Campus
Hong Kong wants to attract foreigners to its shores Campus

25: Latest Hindi News and Hindi News Paper Online!
In this area of globalization and shrinking boundaries, linguistic barriers are fast disappearing. Local language emails and search engines have been around for quite some time now. And now, with e-papers, non-English speaking people can also have their fill of daily hindi newspaper on the Internet.

26: More than just red shirts in Bangkok protest zone
There's now more to Thailand's "Red Shirt" protesters than just red shirts.

27: USA Government
In terms of economic growth in US there must be a relationship between the government and other trade stake holders so as to ensure a smooth flow of development. But despite this smooth flow there are some hinders that delays the process which are the high rate of unemployment and inflation.

28: Republicans Versus Democrats
There are two major parties in the United States namely the Republican Party and the democrat party; the democrat party is the oldest party in the United States, The Republican Party was founded in the year 1854 by slavery activist; its first president to be elected was Abraham Lincoln in the year 1867. George Bush who is the current president is the 18th republican to hold office; the republicans hold a minority of governorship as president.

The article looks at a brief introduction about the link that exists between social cleavages and party systems. Case studies are then conducted for three countries.

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