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1: 2012 & The End of Past Failures
Explore how to move beyond past failures in 2012.

2: How to Get Cheap Political Yard Signs
Political signs are the identity of a political party. During election times, the requirement of the signs increases and the price of the signs take away a major part of the budget of the campaign.

3: The Making of a Leader
Leadership is a choice not a position. Please don’t confuse the two, as many of us so easily can.

4: What You Can Get Out of Leadership Development
Leadership development is a specialist form of training that anyone who has a team or an organisation to lead can benefit from.

5: Leadership Skills That Portray Wisdom
Leadership skills require you as a leader to find common goals among members. This can best be achieved when everybody feels that...

6: Power and Leadership Effectiveness
What will power suggest to you on the face value? It could be described as a display of authority, force or physical strength. Others described power as the ability to control or influence the behavior or responses of others, influence or exact influence on others to act in particular ways different from the way they would ordinarily have.

7: A Leader and a Manager, Which Is The Best to Be If They Are Different?
Who is a manager and who is a leader? Are they the same, or are they different? If different, is one preferred? Which is the more effective amongst both? What qualities and traits different them? Is it possible to be a leader and not a manager and vice versa? These are the rhetoric questions that have pervaded the minds of management experts, scholars and researchers over time on the subject of the comparism of leadership and management.

8: Developing the Leader-Manager Concept
A very strategic consideration in this subject of comparing leadership and management is in the comparism of the differences in effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness is doing the right things while efficiency is doing things right. Leadership is about doing the right things, ethics, morals etc. while management is about being very efficient, doing things right, maintaining the status quo without distorting due processes.

Supervision can also be defined as administration, command, giving directions and being responsible for the outcome. This term is mostly used to refer to people who wield certain powers e.g , teachers, administrators, managers,police,student leaders e.t.c

10: Marketing Channel
Channel marketing is the intermediaries in which a product or a service passes through before it reaches the consumers.

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