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Smile to Eliminate Dissatisfaction

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by: toryyang
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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 Time: 7:49 PM


On that day, she quarreled with her mother for very little thing. She was so angry that she slammed the door and went out. It was very little thing, but it seemed that she enlarged it. She was also very confused for her action, and she just could not control the inner dissatisfaction.


After going out the home, she looked up to the sky and found it gray, just like her current mood. She called two friends to play with her and relieve the discomfort in her heart. Unluckily, it rained outside heavily, so she had to sit under the corridor to shelter from the rain.


There are several old women sitting to her opposite. One of them attracted her attention. It was a very thin old woman with white hairs, silky clothes, white shoes and black cloth shoes. The old woman was talking with other people. She only sat there and listened to their chat quietly. The old woman raised her feet slowly and accidently rubbed up against her legs. Her discomfort rose again and put the dissatisfaction on the face. When she was about to say a word, the old women’s hand slowly stretched her legs to clean the dirt. Then looked up and said: “I’m sorry! I did not see it!” The old woman smiled to her again, with two deep dimples on her face, which looked so amiable. She calmed down slowly and said: “It doesn’t matter.”


When the rain became light, she said farewell to friends and walked back home. On the half way, she saw her mother searched for something anxiously. When the mother saw her, the twisted brow unfolded slowly and smiled to her, with two deep dimples on her face. She was suddenly aware that the dimples were so beautiful on her mother’s face. She was very moved, because her mother came out to search her since they have quarreled before.


After several days, she happened to know something about the old women. The old woman was suffering from serious cataract. She was very regretful for what she had done to the old woman. But the old woman just used the deep dimple to eliminate the dissatisfaction in her heart.

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