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Americans try every means to control anger

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by: loveshadi
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Americans try every means to control getting angry


A company which wants to reduce the stafftrimmer should pay money for the psychological treatment, and a child who is easy to feel angry should go to the emotional training camp.

A research has suggested that there is averagely three-tenths of time is in the state from out of sorts to extreme anger in one’s lifetime. How to regulate the emotion is the problem that everyone should face. In several years, the matters which make the Americans get angry are not few: the unemployment rate remained high, and the gap between rich and poor was getting more and more big, the house prices fell, as well as the oil prices rose hard. In the United States which is such a country that you are easier to buy guns than buy expectorant sometime. Although the shootings happen occasionally, while in the daily life, the mentality of the common people is still very peaceful, you can seldom see the fight scene in the public. Because the Americans regard the angry as a humiliated thing, they learn how to control their own emotion since one was very young, the country and society also provide all kinds of helps for the people controlling their emotion and dredging the negative emotion.

The higher-ranking people seldom get angry in the public.

The Americans regard whether a person can be able to control the emotion as a very important standard to evaluate a person’s quality. In the views of the Americans, losing all control in the public is considered as the thing very without face. The higher-ranking a person’s status he dares not become angry to the low-ranking people. For instance, they eat in the restaurant, the customer could not lose one’s temper to the waiter in the public, even though the waiter does something wrong, you also cannot speak rudely, or else all the restaurant guests would look down on the person who lost his temper.


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