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71: Obama Decides Defense of Marriage Act Is Unconstitutional
Attorney General Eric Holder said in a recent statement that no longer defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

72: Al Franken's End Debt Collector Abuse Act
The Al Franken Act demands a prohibition on collectors from seeking a warrant for the arrest of a debtor.

73: Tools Used in Biotechnological Plants
Most people could cut down on frequent trips to see healthcare professionals simply by adopting a more active lifestyle.

74: The hidden pitfalls of a do-it-yourself divorce
Some people might think it self-serving for a lawyer to say that a DIY divorce can be dangerous. However, having helped many clients who have encountered difficulties when representing themselves, this has led me to conclude that legal assistance in divorce proceedings is often a necessity.

75: RHW Solicitors - A Dedicated Law Firm
If you're looking for a local law firm who are sure to give you results, RHW are the firm for you. They boast professional and expert knowledge in commercial matters and are particularly recognised for dealing with healthcare providers. With a strong private client team of specialised solicitors, we are able to provide you with the individual expertise you need.

76: Things to Consider Before Hiring Auto Accident Injury Attorney San Diego
Auto accidents occur on a daily basis in San Diego, and when they occur, it’s often the case that one driver is more at fault than the other.

77: How to Find Miami Car Accident Attorney If Injured in a Car Accident
Miami auto accidents happen on a nearly daily basis, and the vast majority of these accidents lead to at least one injury or worse. If you have been harmed in a Miami auto accident and are not sure how to go about securing the help of a Miami car accident attorney, In this article you’ll find some basic steps to keep in mind as you complete your search.

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