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61: Lebron James’ Mother in Custody for Slapping Valet
Lebron James’ mother Gloria James was arrested for assaulting a valet at a posh Miami hotel. DUI lawyers would have a field day because of the fact that she was so obviously intoxicated and that she was the mother of a celebrity.

62: 16 & Pregnant Jennifer Del Rio Assaulted by Baby Daddy Smith
Sexual harassment lawyers will attest to the fact that the number of cases that are actually reported are a whole lot less than the total number of cases that occur. In cases like this 16 & Pregnant star, where children are involved, the situation is much more complicated.

63: Divorce Settlement Making Sure “Equitable” Means “Equitable”
She wants the jewelry and the house. He wants the summer home and the cars. But she wants the SUV…and he can have the BMW. But about the vintage stamp collection… This is the sort of back-and-forth negotiating that can drive a divorce attorney mad.

64: A New Jersey Divorce Attorney With Expertise in NJ Family Law
Divorce attorneys in New Jersey work closely with clients during all parts of a divorce.

65: Divorce Utah - Perfect Mediation On Time
In fact majority of them tries very well in order to adjust to live together by concerning the fact both the people were bought up in totally different environment.

66: The Process for Name Change through a Deed Poll
Deep poll is best defined as a form of legal document that differs from legal contracts between two or more parties.

67: How to Handle the Uniqueness of Legal Time Management
In the last post, we talked about how efficient billing is more important in the legal business than any other industry.

68: What Makes Legal Time Management Unique (Part 1 of 3)
More than with any other industry , efficient legal billing systems are paramount.

69: A NJ Divorce Lawyer will Need to Know Specific Information
. However, a NJ divorce lawyer is there to help a client get through this difficult situation.

70: Major Yasmin Birth Control Side Effects
Yasmin is a popular form of hormonal birth control that has been heavily marketed, especially to younger women, over the past few years. This type of birth control purports to take care of PPMD sympto

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