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Self Care for Moms: A Life in Balance

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by: mrsmiaredrick
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Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 Time: 12:23 AM

As moms, life balance  IS what we are trying to attain. It's up to us to  care our families, making sure that they get everything they need, whether it's a bath or simply a reminder to get up in the morning. Moms have to be on top of everything all the time, and this takes a toll, especially on moms who don't take care of themselves.


Most moms do sacrifice, sometimes not even taking the time to comb their hair or brush their teeth. After all, it's more important that the kids look great, right? Of course it is important that the kids look good because they are an extension of you. However, they are not a substitute for you. Your own life is still important, and it's up to you to make sure that you get what you need, even while you make sure the kids and your husband get what they need. It's a delicate balancing act that few moms have mastered, but it's easy to find life balance with these three simple tips for self care.


1) Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than you normally do. Fifteen minutes doesn't sound like a lot of time, but you would be amazed at what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes without your kids running around. Finding life balance is about planning your self care ahead, and while you won't even notice the 15 minutes of sleep you didn't get, you will see just how much you can get done. If you lay out the day's clothes the night before, you'll have even more time to get yourself ready.


2) Spend some time really looking at your family schedule. Think of yourself as the manager of the house rather than the lowest-paid employee. Delegation is an important part of finding the time to practice self care. Have your teenager take the trash out every week. Make a chore list and split up the tasks so that it's not always your turn to clean up the dinner dishes. Then you can spend this time reading or doing something you enjoy instead of continuing to work. Mothers who always do all of these family chores themselves find that when their kids get out on their own, they have a difficult time learning to be independent. If you can teach responsibility and independence to them while they're still in your house, they'll have a much easier time adapting to the world when they go out into it.


3) Learn how to blend family activities with self care activities. Life balance is about keeping everything in check so that it functions together properly. We can't stop caring for our families, but we have to learn how to care for ourselves. The key is to look for ways to practice self care while you do the things that need to be done for the family. For example, you might bring a book along with you while you wait for your child during a speech or tutoring session. You could also play your own music while you make dinner or take care of the dishes.


Self care is  the key to attain life balance. It's easy to feel cheated if you never do anything for yourself, and this leads to a life of resentment toward our families. Take a few minutes today and do something for you.

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Mia Redrick is The Mom Strategist and author of "Time for Mom-Me: 5 Essential Strategies for a Mother's Self-Care." She also founded Finding Definitions, a coaching service for moms. Check out the new community for moms to share and learn to practice self-care at <a target="_new" href=""></a><span>


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