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Mothers Day is All About Felicitous Children and Happy Fathers

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Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 Time: 3:37 AM

Children are Like flowers a colorful sunlight in our life.

Children are messengers sent from God . Daughters bring us a message of love , to explain to us caring love , to remind us that genuine happiness has little to nothing to do with wealth or financial success. Instead of enforcing our parents ' view and life style upon our children , you should learn to accept the messages and examples of passion tots bring into our lives. Children can be happy with a few best friends and nature. True happiness in children never depends on luxury but on nature, on having true "best friends", hugging , loving parents . Children enjoy liberty to explore, freedom to enjoy nature, freedom to be a little wild once in a while . Freedom to expand boundaries rather than to have new man made limits imposed upon them.

The messages and lessons of love a part of children are far more worthy than most lessons acquired at high, colleges and educational institutions of this entire planet . Be uncomplicated, be loving, be friendly with all, reconcile instantly after every problem you had with others. Love and forgive each other day after day - all lifetime .

Kids are a genuine treasure sent by Supreme Being. Full of childlike but most powerful wisdom of passion. Children are a living example how to love, how to accept love, how to get and enjoy love, how to reconcile, how to be friends with many beyond race, color or gender. Children have no need to "make" allies. Children are friends naturally!

In many cases in our today's totally messed up and screwed up "civilization " young ones often are far more happy without father and mother, without maternal counseling or parents' existence. That is actually a serious warning to all father and mother. If children be felicitous playing out of view of their females parent and fathers, then parents have failed to be Supreme Being like. God gives us liberty, freedom to learn by doing. Freedom to explore God's nature as a God made resort area for all. Supreme Being rarely ever interposes in our determinations . That is definitely the absolute opposite of what parents practice toward their young ones and toward all society . Adult society is a society of inhibition, control and manipulation. God's society at home in promised land is a world of love , loving examples, loving guidance and absolute freedom .

The misconception of Mother's Day or Father's Day.

In conventional "Mother's day" cultures females parent anticipate additional love , additional gifts , additional attention and above all often also gratitude from their Young ones . That is a total missconception. If you correctly understood all above, then you also see that you as female parent or father called for kids into your life . You asked for children into your living as an act of love , as an expression of your own God given free option to choose a mate or remain unmarried all life. You asked for kids into your living for very personal reasons . For solitude and having kids to bring in vividness and meaning into your life . Or as yet another origin of passion. Daughters and sons are like sunlight . Children are a sunshine of passion. All normal children always are loving unless born with extreme karma. Kids are born without any bias toward mother earth , toward beasts , toward others. Children are prepared to love and to be loved .

In conclusion children always are a treasure of love in our adults parents life. Hence we parents have grounds to be grateful toward our youngsters in lieu of the other way around! in lieu of requiring gratitude, we need to be thankful for being allowed to have young ones in our lives. Without kids all our heavy work would be hollow of any purpose, All our endeavors would be in vain . To seed only makes sense if there is anyone in order to savor to harvest the yields of our seeds.

Our little ones however are born selfless. Young ones sent by God into life of parents or single mothers anticipate no gratitude. Young ones expect far more valuable gift ideas from father and mother. Children await real love. True love means NO daycare centers but playing caring mothers and males parent. True love means real time. Quality time spent together. Children enjoy to learn from moms and dads . Hence kids enjoy to be accepted and included in the life of grownups. Kids enjoy to mature, enjoy to expand horizons, get across borders and resolve bounds .

Gratitude if for pure egotism only. Only extreme egotism expects a "thank you" or any kinda material thanks, including mothers day flowers, dinners party and other gifts of material or financial nature . For the truly loving one the most worthy activity or reaction to love is being felicitous. A happy smile from the bottom of your heart is immeasurably more valuable than any stuff gift .

If you neglect to treasure and pick out the value of true love , then you definitely know why you are here on earth in lieu of being at home in your God given home with God at home in nirvana!

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Hans Neukomm is a born farmer son, creator and publisher of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love with free online teachings of love with many inspiring chapters on Mother Day Messages. To refocus on love in your daily life, enjoy free I love you Wallpaper. For all loving mothers and women hearts to enjoy: Mother day greeting cards

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