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Health OF Digestion of food.

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Dedicated to Hygiene of The digestive system, we quote a number of paragraphs from Generate. Kellogg's work on Physiology, where is given a concise report on the more important things relating to this:

"The hygiene associated with digestion has to do with the high quality and quantity of food eaten, in the manner associated with eating it.

If the food is eaten too rapidly, it will not be properly separated, and when swallowed with coarse lumps, the digestive fluids cannot readily act upon it. Due to the insufficient mastication, the particular saliva will be poor in quantity, plus, as a consequence, the starch will not be well ingested, and the stomach will not secrete a sufficient amount of gastric juice. It is not nicely to eat only soft or liquid food items, as we are likely to devour it without proper ingesting. A cconsidderable pproportion connected with hard food, which will requires thorough mastication, must be eaten at every food.

Drinking Freely in Meals is harmful, because it not only encourages rash eating, but dilutes the gastric juices, and thus lessens it has the activity. The food need to be chewed until sufficiently moistened by means of saliva to allow it to be swallowed. When bulk of fluid are usually taken into the stomach, digestion does not get started until a considerable part of the fluid has been absorbed. If cold ingredients or drinks usually are taken with the meal, such as ice-cream, ice-water, iced whole milk or tea, your stomach is under refrigeration, and a long wait in the digestive method is occasioned.

The Indians with Brazil carefully avoid drinking when consuming, and the same made to order prevails among all kinds of other savage tribes.

Eating between Food items.

The habit of having apples, nuts, many fruits, confectionery, etc., between meals is exceedingly harmful, along with certain to produce appetite loss and indigestion. This stomach as well as the muscles and other organs of the body requires rest. The regularity with which meals need to be taken depends relatively upon the age as well as occupation of an individual. Infants take their foods at short periods, and owing to it has the simple character, have the ability to digest it quickly. Adults should not get food oftener than triple a day; and men and women whose employment is actually sedentary say, oftentimes at least, adopt by using advantage the plan from the ancient Greeks, who had but twice a day.

Straightforwardness in Diet.

Using too many kinds of meal at a meal is a common fault which is often a cause of disease of the digestive-organs. Those nations are the the majority of hardy and everlasting whose dietary is definitely most simple. The Whiskey peasantry live chiefly about oatmeal, the Irish in potatoes, milk, in addition to oatmeal, the Italian upon peas, beans, macaroni, and chestnuts; yet all these are noted for outstanding health and endurance. The natives of the Canary Countries, an exceedingly well-developed and strong race, subsist pretty much chiefly upon any food which they call gofio, consisting of parched grain, coarsely ground in a mortar and also mixed with water.

Eating when Tired.

It is not well to eat any time exhausted by chaotic exercise, as the technique are not prepared to do the work of food digestion well. Sleeping once eating is also a dangerous practice. The process of digestion of food cannot well be executed during sleep, and rest is disturbed with the ineffective efforts of the digestive organs. For this reason the well-known evil upshots of late suppers.

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Eating too Much.

Rash nine west shoes eating is the greatest explanation for over-eating. When one consumes too rapidly, the food is crowded tiffany lamps into the stomach so quick that nature has no time to cry, 'Enough,Ha by taking away the appetite before too much may be eaten. When surplus food is taken, it is likely to ferment or sour prior to it being digested. One who eats too much usually seems dull after eating.Inches

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