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Diet to follow for constipation

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by: annalopez
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Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 Time: 1:24 AM

Constipation the very mention of the term brings in our mind the uncomfortable cramps, the awful bloating associated with it. None of us would like to be caught in the grip of constipation but in case if any of your near /dear ones are suffering from this discomfort causing constipation this article might help you to tell them the required diet, steps they need to follow to keep constipation at bay. Firstly the affected person needs to focus on detoxification and what he/she is sipping the whole day. It is true not all of us mind to remember the quantity of fluid intake but it does count. In the very essence we need to take in adequate amount of low fat diary, less sugar contained beverages or best of all just plain water in fairly large amounts. The role played by water is vital in our interior organs. Yes it helps in the excretion of stools and when the fluid is not present in one's body then the person suffers /has problems as regards to his/her bowel movements.

Importance of Fiber

The second key thing is the one and only "FIBER". In this modern world many of us fail to consider its importance in daily food intake. The fiber rich substances like vegetables, fruits and whole grains must be included in apt portions in our daily meals. The refined grains/refined flour lack fiber and any meal prepared with whole grains like oats, brown rice, wheat flour all these enable the person to gain good amount of fiber in the body. Moreover the vegetables like cabbage, carrot, spinach can be made into juices and drunk before sleep at night. It is one of the constipation remedies one can try at ones home itself.

What is natural detoxification ?

A natural detoxification of unwanted fats can be made by stopping the intake of meat and this is sure to aid a lot for curing prolonged constipation. Addition of honey or almond oil /dried peach blossoms with warm milk is another effective method of relieving themselves from constipation. Mango, Orange, guava are natural fruits which relieves one from chronic constipation. Apart from the above said simple constipation remedies the responsibility of every individual person to take the right food/make the right food choices is essential. The intake of chips, pizza, pastas, and ice creams all will make one get easily constipated. Hence it is good to take these items only in small portions or better still avoid it to the most extent. The tastes of these items are good but it sure deteriorates the effective functioning of the inner organs of the body. A good choice of food is vital to keep the constipation or other health related issues at bay.

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