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Constipation- most common health problems

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One of the most common health problems that usually affect a lot of people around is constipation, the undigested food in our body accumulates and causes severe problems so it is very necessary to have a healthy bowel movement and get rid of all problems.

Main causes of constipation

The main causes of constipation are improper eating habits, junk food, fast food, having a lot of non vegetarian food in your meals, insufficient intake of water, and food that are difficult to digest, during constipation the person has a trouble having a normal bowel bowl movement, there are many remedies available to treat constipation but the best thing is prevent constipation, but if you are already suffering and are unable to get rid of the undigested food then you should go for natural constipation remedies, and home remedies because they are very effective and have no side effects.

The home and natural constipation remedies include

Bael fruit is a very good laxative, it flushes the undigested food out of the body, and so have a ripe bael fruit for relief from constipation.

Drink warm milk before going to bed, you can add castor oil for quick relief, or adding honey or sugar to the milk also solves the purpose.

Add lemon juice to warm water and have it thrice a day Aloe gel can also be taken one or two spoons twice during the day.

Soak one date seed in half cup water for a night, in the morning mash it and discard the pulp, take the syrup twice or thrice during the day.

Adding honey to warm water is also a good remedy.

Mix one teaspoon corn syrup to water and have it twice or thrice during the day for a relief from constipation.

Another good natural constipation remedy is to mix ½ cup olive oil and equal quantity of orange juice and drink it.

Drink around a liter of water, and exercise every morning to have a healthy stomach.

Take 3 spoons of psyllium husk and mix in milk and have it during bed time. Soak 50 grams of cassia pulp in water for a night take with 25 grams of water in the morning for relief from constipation.

Adding a lot of fruits and vegetables, and fibrous fruits that can be chewed and can be digested.

Triphala is another natural herbal remedy for constipation.

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