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Uplift your Concentration with Meditation Techniques

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by: rockeysheen01
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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 Time: 3:00 AM

Are you facing distractions while doing a particular work? Are unwanted thoughts troubling you all the time? It’s a common predicament among people, especially those working in the corporate sectors that they are suffering from grave problems when they sit for work. They cannot focus their minds into the stipulated job and fail to concentrate. Don’t panic. Some meditation techniques for beginners are discussed in detail in this article. These techniques will help you in concentrating on your work and will remove the unwanted thoughts that keep coming to your mind.

Why do you need to meditate?

Every day’s excessive work pressure keeps you stressed. Sometimes you get nervous even in a difficult moment. If you start meditating you will automatically feel relaxed all the time. In spite of tremendous pressure of your job, you won’t face any problem in concentrating. Also, meditation gives you a lot of energy. The body is always in a need of energy and will power. Meditation involves the production of energy to your brains. The nervous system gets active and you get a lot of enthusiasm and energy to work for hours. You will be able to take a lot of burden of exertion if you start meditation.

Another problem amongst people is sufficient sleep. Even a good slumber needs a lot of concentration. Excessive work pressure keeps you awake all night as you fail to have a deep nap. Safe slumber keeps you active and relaxed. You also get a lot of vigor in your work after a sound sleep. It is possible only through meditation.

For a beginner, it’s quite difficult to meditate. It needs a lot of concentration and you should be free of any thought while you meditate. There are few meditation techniques for beginners discussed below that will solve your problems.

  • Candle meditation- for a start you can apply this technique. Draw the curtains of your room and make it dark first. Lighten a candle and put it right in front of your eyes. Sit straight on a chair and keep the candle on the desk, so that it is right in front of you. Look straight to the flame and start breathing. With every breath you take, count on it. First count till 50 and do it. After completing it do it once more. The more you do, more energy will you gain and better concentration.

  • Music CDS- music CDS are also important meditation techniques for beginners. Sit or sleep anywhere in your room and insert the disc on your CD player. Now follow the instructions of the speaker. Music gives you deep concentration. Any music you listen, it will divert your mind and you will be relaxed.

  • Such meditation techniques for beginners are very beneficial for your health and it improves the nervous system of your body.

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