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Bloated Stomach, Ovarian Pain and Discharge Symptoms

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by: Nathan Michael
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Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 Time: 9:57 PM

Bloated stomach is said to be a health condition which is characterized by a tight feeling of the abdomen which might often result in pain and discomfort.  Actually, bloating of stomach is due to the stressful enlargement of pelvic or abdominal cavity because of the excess fluid accumulation, fatty layers, intestinal gas or due to functional or physical obstruction caused in the intestines and also mainly due to the presence of ovarian cysts.

Bloated stomach if present can make the sufferer feel tight and full.  They can also be called as meteorism.  Some of the common causes for this are swallowing of air due to nervousness, constipation, presence of extra gas in the bowels, irritated bowel, lactose intolerance or other food intorlerances, over eating, partial bowel obstruction, bacterial overgrowth in small bowel and so on.  Some of the uncommon but important causes of bloated stomach include tumors, ascites, ovain pain, ovarian tumors, vaginal discharge and so on.

Many complain of burning sensation, dull ache, stabbing or sharp pain on their abdominal pain.  They might also think that stomach is the main cause for it but in reality any organ present in the midsection of the body can lead to abdominal pain including gallbladder, appendix, kidney, intestines and pancreas.  The symptoms like bloated stomach, ovarian pain, vaginal discharge or abdominal pain should not be ignored as they might indicative of serious health problem in women.

Water retention of bloated stomach might be because of the oscillations caused by the hormones due to the presence of ovarian cysts created around or in the ovaries during menstruation time.  Corpus luteum part of complex ovarian cysts can burst and are responsible for back pain in the lower region, abdominal bloating, enlarged abdomen and so on.  Most types of ovarian cysts that are attached to the ovaries in women are nothing but sacs filled with fluid that they can become larger in size each month and can create a feeling of fullness or heaviness as they tend to occupy the abdominal cavity.  Moreover these kinds of ovarian cysts are not self-resolving in nature.  Certain types of cysts called the mucinous cystadenoma are known to grow very big in size to nearly 328lb in the form of tumors.  

Endometrial cysts or chocolate cysts can also produce certain symptoms like bloated stomach, ovarian pain and discharge.  These types can start as patches in endometrium, collect blood each month during menstrual periods without discharging them.  The stale blood stays inside the ovarian cysts and looks similar to dark chocolate, in turn causing bloated stomach.  

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