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Melatonin and Cancer: The Cancer Curing Weapon You Can't Ignore

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by: PercifulMagano161
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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 Time: 3:01 AM

It's not at all uncommon for folks to use melatonin supplements to have a better night's sleep. What many individuals don't understand, though, is that melatonin and cancer have a very antagonistic relationship. Actually, melatonin is a literal cancer executing hormone. With the increased attention of cancer toady, it only makes sense to disccover how melatonin might be your secret weapon against cancerous cell formation.

Melatonin and Cancer: How This Hormone Kills Cancer

Melatonin is truly strong in much more than one way when it comes to stopping cancer, dead once and for all. For starters, this great hormone does so well in the struggle against cancer since it is extremely toxic to fresh cancer cells. Melatonin is so deadly to cancer cells, actually, that it starts an auto-destruct process in cancer cells.

Even though, Melatonin is not a threat to cancer just because it is poisonous to them; it also decelerates the process of angiogenesis in cancer cells. Angiogenesis is the production of brand new blood vessels in cancer cells. Just like healthy tissue, cancer cells require fresh blood vessels to nurture brand new growth. By zapping the ability for cancer cells to create fresh blood vessels, cancer progress is stunted.

Another route that melatonin and cancer don't integrate is shown through melatonin's antioxidant force. As you know, free radicals in the blood stream contribute to altogether too many toxins in the human anatomy. In addition, cancer succeeds when those toxins go unseen. Melatonin aids in fighting free radicals and lowers inflammation, both of which decelerate cancer ontogenesis considerably.

Why it's Ignored

When you peruse over the comments around melatonin and cancer above, you will probably assumed that doctors everywhere are joining in and telling their patients to add melatonin in their cancer-fighting regimens. Well, I wish I could say that this is fact, however it isn't. As with many alternative natural treatments, the medical industry is turning a blind eye to the facts regarding melatonin and cancer.

Since the pharmaceutical industry has influenced the way that physicians look after their patients, these multi-billion dollar corporations have effectively prevented doctors from suggesting melatonin since its well accepted capability to retard and fight cancerous cells. Basically, the major pharmaceutical companies would much rather that doctors prescribe their $4,000 monthly cancer drugs, instead of telling patients that they could buy one month's worth of melatonin from their health food shop for eleven dollars.

It's too bad that the profits of the pharmacuetical business has kept people in unaware of melatonin and cancer related information. It's crucial to remember that melatonin is trith a rather strong anti-cancer supplementation. If you're at all concerned about cancer or know someone undergoing cancer treatment, then this is information that you'll definitely need to take action on. With its natural cancer-killing capabilities, melatonin could be the natural hormone that helps folks get the upper-hand in the struggle against cancer once and for all.

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