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Esophageal Cancer Life Expectancy

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by: Ian Eallard
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Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 Time: 9:48 PM

Esophageal cancer is one of the types of more deadly kind of disease. Even though lots of workings have been done by the scientist to enhance the survival rate of those individuals who have affected with esophageal cancer, it is still a long way to have consideration that the same can be cured. It is fortunate that this disease is relatively unusual and hence many of the people will not suffer from this disease.


The esophageal cancer starts in the esophagus. It is a tube that takes the food to the stomach from the mouth. Some of the symptoms of this disease are difficulty in swallowing, restricted pain in the region of the area of the chest, unexpected loss of weight and blood vomiting.


When the discussion about the life expectancy crops, then it is must to discuss about the stages of the cancer as the life expectancy depends on the level of spread of disease in the parts of the body. In the case of stage 0 esophagus cancer patients, the outlook will be very good and the 5 year rate of survival will be more than 95%. In this stage, the pre-cancerous cells will be within the esophagus.


The 5 year survival rate for the patients with esophagus cancer stage I will be between 50-80%. In this stage, the cancer will actually be formed and would have spread into the 2nd layer of the tissue in the esophagus.


There are two kinds of stage II esophagus cancer. In the case of stage IIA cancer, the 5 year survival rate is between 30-40% and with stage IIB, the rate is between 10-30%. In this condition, the cancer would have spread to the first 3 layers of the esophagus and probably to some of the adjacent lymph nodes.


When the patient is diagnosed with esophageal cancer Stage III, then the 5 year survival rate will be between 10-15%. In this condition, the cancer would have penetrated fully into the esophagus.


During the stage IV of esophagus cancer, the cancer would have started to spread to all the other parts of the body. Here, the five year survival rate goes down to less than 5%. In this stage, the cancer would have metastasized i.e., it would have spread far from the esophagus and to the other tissues and organs of the body.


In general, the survival rate for the esophageal cancer patients are measured by a normal procedure called the 5 year survival rate that gives the percentage of patients who will live for 5 five years after their first diagnosis. The survival rate for the patients with stage 0 cancer is assured around 80-90% and on the other hand, the survival rate for those patients with stage IV esophageal cancer goes down to 2.8%.


Likewise the life expectancy also differs based on the stage in which the disease has occurred and also the ferociousness of the cancer. The only occasion that the life expectancy can be judged with the sensible level of accuracy is during the last stage of the disease as there will be lot of variables that will be influencing the numbers. The life expectancy for the stage IV cancer patients will approximately be 6 months.


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