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Breast Cancer Tissue Bank in UK- An Insight

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by: reikopena
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Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 Time: 5:50 AM

Breast cancer is burning problem in the present world. With a lot of efforts put in the research works by the doctors into this deadly disease, still a lot many lanes are still left to travel into this disease. Thus, a breast cancer tissue bank will be extremely useful to fight against it. Recently one such national tissue bank center has been opened in UK. This is the first of its kind in UK and the doctors from all over UK and Ireland will be benefitted from this bank. This will be a big stride forward in combat against the deadly disease. The bank is the outcome of an exclusive partnership of four principal research institutions and the NHS. Funding of this bank will be looked after by the research charity Breast Cancer Campaign. In this avant-garde new bank, donor’s blood samples, records of medication, previous case history and recent developments will find place besides the cancer tissues. Researchers from all over Ireland and UK can want new samples through an online portal that will come with developed bioinformatics amenities. The bank will also come to much more benefits to the researchers. They will be able to collect important information about the cancer tissues and its patterns, treatment meted to the patients, the family line of the patient.. It has been found that throughout the history of researches related to various diseases as well as cancer, the failure in most of the cases is due to the non-availability of adequate or proper samples. Doctors had to wait for a lot of days to find a decent sample to continue with their work. This bank for breast cancer tissues will come as a much relief to both the doctors and the patients.

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