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Detailed information about accounting assistant:duties and responsibilities

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Routine accounting work such as bookkeeping or clerical accounting is performed by the accounting assistant. They assist junior or senior accountants in analyzing and maintaining several financial documents like billings, invoices, etc. They help senior accountants so that everything goes fine according to procedures and practices. In general, accounting assistants performs various functions such as ledgers, creating journals, recording transactions, etc. all the documents related to work are checked for accuracy by the accountant assistant. Most of the accounting assistants are involved in certain clerical activities such as filing, printing, etc. One can be promoted to higher positions if he as sufficient experience in finance and accounting field. They are responsible for communicating with people and give them information on services and billing. Thus, one can say that accounting assistant plays a key role in any organization.

Duties and responsibilities of accounting assistants

·         All the invoices and expense forms are collected and processed by them.

·         They are responsible for verifying calculations and enter codes into account system accurately.

·         Direct Debit mandates are effectively maintained and settled by him.

·         They are responsible for generating cheques for payments.  

·         Filling must be done in accurate and timely manner.

·         Daily reports are prepared and verified by him.

·         It is necessary to prepare daily income and journal entry.

·         Monthly balance sheet schedules are generated by him.

·         Charge back account is effectively maintained by him.

·         Returned check account is handled by him.

·         Generated monthly reports are effectively combined by him.

·         Authorized refund vouchers are prepared by him.

Skills of an accounting assistant

·         Multiple accounts are effectively managed by him.

·         He must take initiatives.

·         He must possess good communication skills so that he can communicate easily with others.

·         He must be capable of handling stress easily.

·         He must be a team player.

·         It is necessary to have some experience in accounts office.

·         He must be proficient in handling certain software used for accounting.

·         He must be very good at administrative and organizational skills.


How much does an accounting assistant make?

The salary paid to accounting assistant will not be same in all the organizations. Experience has an impact on the salary of an accounting assistant. The candidate who is working for good organization and has enough experience then he will be paid huge amount. The candidate must be flexible and must have good knowledge of finance and accounting.

The average salary paid to an accounting assistant will be $31,200 per year.

The earnings of an accounting assistant who is having less than one year experience will fall in between $25,007 and $34,462 per year.

Future scope of accounting assistants

There is wide range of employment opportunities in this field and it is an entry level position. One can become a professional accountant only after getting sufficient years of experience in this field. In the present days, there is huge demand for accounting assistants due to increase in financial institutions and companies.

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