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Two Good Buddies: Christian Beadles And Justin Bieber

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by: ChrisLanderberg
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Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2012 Time: 11:05 AM

Caitlin Beadles used to date the celebrity Justin Bieber. Soon after Justin Bieber got famous, due to the stressful scenario, their relationship ended. However speculation continues almost constantly about the current status of their relationship, despite the prominently public relationship Justin is currently a part of. Caitlin is also the sister of Bieber's best friend Christian Beadles.

Caitlin was born in 1994 in North Carolina although the family now lives in Georgia. Her family is close friends of Justin's family and the young people spent much time together when growing up - it appears that Caitlin and Justin remain close friends today, even though he has a new girlfriend (the singer and actress Selena Gomez).

Caitlin has also had the misfortune to be in the news because of a couple of quite bad health issues. The first occurred in 2009 when she was in a horrific boating accident which almost resulted in her losing her leg. Caitlin was with friends using jet skis, swimming, just enjoying some down time when she came off the Jet Ski and was then effectively run over by a boat. She says now that when she looked in the water it was bright red - 'like in the film Jaws'. Caitlin was airlifted to hospital via helicopter and actually flat-lined whilst in the air, the medics didn't give up on her and she went on to receive excellent medical attention in the ICU. She spent over three months in hospital undertaking grueling surgeries followed by therapies, which enabled her to walk again. She still has some restrictions as a result of the accident - she can no longer take part in her cheer-leading squad for example. Her next health problem occurred sometime later when fans took to twitter asking fellow tweeters to pray for her as she had been hospitalized with a 'paralyzed stomach'. The rumor mill went into overdrive as people speculated that she was suffering with cancer - the more likely diagnosis was Crohn's disease.

Caitlin's younger brother has ambitions to become a famous actor, and like him, Caitlin also has ambitions to be an actor and has appeared in an episode of the sit-com "Victorious". Currently she is concentrating on finishing school whilst dabbling in some different acting and modeling jobs. She seems to be very aware that her fame, such as it is, is due mainly because she dated Justin Bieber. Caitlin is a self-proclaimed Christian and is quite open about the importance of Jesus in her life and of using her bible for guidance in her life.

Caitlin has appeared in Justin Bieber videos but freely admits to all that she has no musical ability or aspirations to become a singer. During her spare time she enjoys dabbling in modeling with her Mom acting the role of photographer.

Caitlin appears to be a very well-grounded young woman who has faced a lot of trauma in her young life, she seems to try and be a good role model and encouragement to other young people.

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