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Kenny Chesney: America’s top singer and song writer

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Kenny Chesney was born on March 26, 1968 and his birth name is Kenneth Arnold. Kenny Chesney is American singer and song writer. He has recorded 15 albums which have 14 certified for gold and higher rank. He has released 30 top hit songs which ruled over up top positions of American charts. Kenny Chesney has a huge database of fan club. His efforts from beginning were geared up to be become America’s top singer and song writer. His great efforts throughout his career earned several awards. Like Academy of country music, Country Music organization, French Country Music awards. Kenny earned award of best Entertainer of year for four consecutive weeks. In live tour perform in front of fans have been always thrilling for Kenny. Ordinary American boys how to become popular not have any idea. His father was a teacher of elementary school. excitement for baseball and football was always showing in his self. Chesney music career were motivate when he got a guitar on Christmas as a gift. He trained himself on playing that guitar with got replaced on with even more advances guitar. Chesney bought a new guitar from his earning as a result of selling 1000 copies self released demo album. Classic Recording studio in Virginia helped Chesney record that album. It wasn’t until 1994 that Chesney released his first debut album, in my wildest dream, with Capricorn Records album could reach lower region of bill board as only 10000 copies of albums could be sold. After shutdown Capricorn’s of its country Chesney contract with BNA Records there is he record a second Album which name is “All I need to know” was released in 1995. “All I need to know” put the name of Chesney in top hit singers because album was much hit and two songs made their way to top of billboard charts. In the year of 1996, Chesney released his second label album which was named Me and You. This album produced several hit singles which were ranked at number 2 by several of American Critiques. This album produced many hit singles that support Chesney to win new male Vocalist of the year Award given by Academy of Country Music.

In front of millions fans Kenny Chesney has played countless concerts, but in recently past weekend his show is one there is superstar isn't likely to forget anytime soon. On 14 may Saturday, in front of a packed crowd in Lexington, Ky. as part of his Goin' Coastal tour, Kenny was halfway through his cover of George Jones' hit, 'Small Y'all,' when the superstar walking out on stage in the middle of his song was very surprised him. The biggest thrills of my life were when George walked on stage in Lexington!!


 Now Chesney releases a new Album “you and Tequila” I always love the song “You and Tequila.” And it’s really good song. had additional information about the Chesney, so I am sure that you buy tickets Chesney in safe mode. On you can see seating chart that is helpful to you for choosing seats.

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