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Do You Know the Privilege of School Bus in the United States

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by: tonysteve
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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 Time: 4:37 AM

In every country, the children are the future of the society and the flowers of the motherland so that little children’s rights and interests should be protected. In order to guarantee children’s safety when going to school, there are always special school bus to shuttle students. What’s more, there are special design and standard on the school bus. The first and foremost task of the school authorities and school bus manufacturers is to ensure the the safety of children riding. Take the school bus in the the United States for example, at least in the 1940s, most states had legislation to require the other vehicles to stop if there are children go on or go off the school bus, only after the students going on and off, other vehicles can drive again. What’s more, even the U.S. presidential special car should stop to wait. The driver who had violated the laws and regulations should be punished with heavy fines and even harsh sentences. Such laws and regulations certainly reflects the children should get additional protection by the society community and children are lack of the ability and consciousness of cognitiving and judging risk. Moreover, due to children’s small body, it is not easy to be found by the drivers so that the accidents is higher.

When the school bus slows down and stops slowly, its yellow flashing lights will flash like the traffic lights to remind the passing vehicles to slow down and stop. When the school bus stops, the red stop sign which is installed in the left front will open so that the passing cars must stop and wait. On some school bus’s body, there is another red stop sign installed in the left back to provide more conspicuous signs for passing cars. The yellow flashing lights and red stop sign on the bus body is tantamount to the red and green lights on the road street, all the drivers must be comply with the traffic regulation.

There is a locking lever at the front part in some school bus and when students go up and down, the locking lever is opened to prevent the students going into the dead zone in the front of the school bus.

Besides, thare are still other ways to guarantee children’s safety. For example, teachers and parents often remind children to stand at the fixed location to waiting for school bus and go on the bus one after another after the school bus stops steadily.

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