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We Cannot Underestimate the Power of Stupidity

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by: toryyang
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Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 Time: 10:46 PM


Great scientist Albert Einstein had done such an experiment: He looked for two people from one village, one was dull and weak, and another one was smart and strong. Einstein found a piece about two acres of open space, and gave them the same tools to enable them to dig wells in the space to contest, to see who would eventually dig the water first.


After the stupid people received the tool, said nothing, then he took off his shirt and began to dig. However, the smart people began to dig after slight choices. Two hours later, they both dug two meters deep, but they had not seen water.


Therefore, the smart people determined that he had made a wrong choice, and felt that he was foolish to continue to dig down in the original place, then he re-elected another place to dig. While the stupid people were still struggling to dig in the original place, and again two hours had passed, the dull people only dug one meter, but the wise people had dug two meters deep.


Stupid people were still struggling to dig in the same place, and smart people then began to doubt his own choice, he chose a place again to dig. Another two hours passed, the dull man dug half a meter deep, and the intelligent people dug two meters deep, but the two people had still not seen water.


At this time, the smart people was discouraged, and concluded that there was no water here. So he gave up digging, and went away. At this time, the dull people did not have a physical, but he insisted on digging in the original place. He just had dug up a shovel of the soil, the miracle happened, he saw the water emerging.


The result of the competition was obvious that the stupid people won. Einstein said to his students later: it seems that the strong and intelligent person with higher IQ and excellent conditions will not be necessarily successful. Sometimes, success is necessary to have a kind of dull force.


So, sometimes, as long as we need some stupid spirit to insist on one thing, we can just achieve what we want to own. Therefore, we should change our view that only smart man can do big business, sometimes, dull people also can achieve outstanding results.

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