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Walking with the Father of Nation

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One can know more about a person, his thoughts and his deeds more from his biography or an autobiography. It may even be with contemporary readers too. We can step into their boots and act like them.


Few of the best Indian biographies of or autobiographies comes from Abdul Kalam – Former President of India, Jawaharlal Nehru  - first Prime Minister of India , Mahatma Gandhi – Father of Nation and many more. All these great books teach us many things that were not taught behind the walls.


Of these books one to mention now is of Gandhi’s autobiography – traveling to oneness, truthfulness, and with non-violence. His autobiography doesn’t just tell us to follow something or narrates his story and achievements but many things beyond sayings. Many of Gandhi’s saying are being followed by him and lays us a path for us to execute.

The innocence of following truthfulness is well said in this good book and following from his childhood made him to realize its power. This perfectly explains us in detail and shows us the pain we get and the suffering at later case if not followed.


Gandhiji’s Childhood, crossing the Indian ocean for his higher education, promise to mother before leaving India, his struggle for vegetarian foods in England shows us the best qualities one should have and learn in his or her youth. His journey in South Africa is the most countable and saving time and money too deals lot of things. In each and every step he experiments himself and understand what as we human beings really wants, can do and the nature’s blessings. At the same time the Almighty’s wisdom is not ignored.


Apart from his education, job, friends and childhood an autobiography of his shows us the spirit of oneness and Indian freedom struggle. Many hidden stories behind the jail bars, intimacy with other freedom fighters, the cruel legacy of British Empire in India and the round table conferences were well written.


Not only with Gandhi’s books similar life stories can be understood from other leaders and visionaries ranging from scholars to tech geeks like Einstein and Aristotle to this generation’s Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These legends or visionaries explains how they came out or solved the critical things they encounter along with their reasoning.


Many say book reading is a good habit or books are our close friends and when you read these types of books many times it seems the said quotes are true.

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