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Truth is alien to this land

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by: RituChatterjee
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Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 Time: 3:21 AM

All religions no matter the number of followers have strongly advocated for the value of truth in all spheres of social life. India having rich culture of sages and seers also propagated strength of truth in spiritual as well as in social life. In our epics also the characters, who followed the path of truth have been magnified for the society for example Yudhishthir in Mahabharta. The similar tradition was continued the recent past in the life of Maharaja Hareeshchandra. The students may argue that such characterization may not be very practical in day today life but the advent of Mahatma Gandhi and his campaign to liberate the country (now India and Pakistan) from English domination after 200 years is a glaring example of value of truth within the storm of national and international politics.

Political liberty of India is tampered by division and the social life and values are put to acid test. The noble values have crumbled down before the harsh realities. It was felt that survival at any cost is more important than moral and ethical values. The masses of this sub-continent never thought the country will be liberated after partition. The political settlement some time effects adversely the social values that what happened in India also. The similar situation happened with other countries like Korea, Germany but perhaps we were clinched strongly to our values, as a result of which our suffering was also intense. It is also a fact that during British regain the moral values were revived which was totally suppressed during this sporadic Muslim rule of 600 years approximately. The harsh realities of partition had made the Indian masses believe that monetary gain by hook and crook is the way of life. As result of this background the cross sections of the society indulge in money making ways by fair or foul ways. The political as well as bureaucratic machinery failed to guide the illiterate masses, which was expected after the independence. The five year plans and other benefit of welfare majors could not percolate to the lowest level because of administrative bottle necks. On the other hand common people realized that political masters as well as people involved in service machinery are pocketing the benefits which should have come to them. The atmosphere is created that liberty means to act in a manner which gives monetary benefit in some or the other way. The political leaders could have tightened the string but unfortunately they have also become prey of monetary benefit. If unbiased study is made it will be observed that the politician who had humble monetary background have now turned prosperous giants with the capacity to engulf anything for monetary benefit. The honesty and the value of truth which are guiding stars before independence in public life under the stewardship of Mahatma Gandhi has been put to back seat in independent India. It does not mean that the value of truth had diminished with the change of reign but intensify our Endeavour to follow truth in the midst of lies and dishonesty. In the present context a true story through media is appreciated against the untrue statements. The value of truth is also important in the bunch of dishonest people who indulge in unsocial activities. The Indian masses not exposed to other world civilization and social and cultural development of other nations. They believed strongly what the leaders do speak and this was the crux of massive following of Mahatma Gandhi. The political masters of independent India unfortunately put Mahatma in front and involved in those activities which Mahatma would not have approved. The truth and honesty were shelved as a result of which the congress party which fought the independent struggle lost the power after 30 years. The leaders felt that uneducated masse is soft target for there selfish design. It is also a fact that Indian constitution which is one of the biggest written document of has taken due care to protect interest of the last man but the implementation of such welfare majors could not be worked out by the Governments.

In the light of above mentioned limitations the corruption has creped up in all development programs. The administrative will for honest execution of plans and programs of development were not carried out. The political parties require money for elections and other personal issues and industrialists and traders are there soft corners. The bureaucratic machinery help their political masters for achieving this target. The value of freedom is understood as unrestraint activities personal and public life. The people who matter do not tell truth and large number of them are Hippocrates. This double faced personality of the leaders in public life has corrupted the cultural ethos of our social life. The rank and file started believing that hypocrisy is the potent instrument for a secured life. They tilt with the political power and thus grind their axe. The said situation is not there in the western world in spite of all developments and progress. The untruthful conduct of politicians has percolated in our society. It is a common saying that if top is untrue and dishonest the base would be unscrupulous of high degree.

It is unfortunate that liberation is gained by truthful means but administration is run in many quarters in a dishonest way. The educational institutions which should teach the new students about the value of truth are earning profit on commercial lines without observing honest path. Education in our country has become good business without any accountability. The judiciary on the other hand was expected to bear the torch of truth and honesty is appearing to be crumbling down before the malafide practices in the office as well as with the judicial officials. The apex court of India has other day gave the press information that many of the verdicts of courts are not implemented in practice because of clerical red tapism and corruption. The situation is very alarming in criminal issues where victim is sitting inside the house or in prison but offenders knocks down in the middle of the road without any fear and shame, because he doesn’t allow the victim to collect the evidences and the police prefers to shelter criminal for monetary reasons.

It seems that in our day to day life no one agrees to except honest, truthful approach and prefers to take plunge in dreamland of Bollywood. The Indian media whether big or small works on the quantum of advertisement they collect . In order to enrich their pocket they have to good picture or shelter to those people who have capacity to pay them. The media is strong but does not come in rescue to those who are not in position to care their demands. They work on a simple logic to earn as much as they can through advertisement or other methods knowing well whatever they print will be circulated in such densely populated India. These lens people get protection from political masters and underground world and work on spicy news of films and personal life. The owner of media have become so prosperous that their family members, contest elections and fill all important position in the social and political life.

The above mentioned diversities will have a natural death because they are not based on true values. Apparently they look very glamorous today but will not shine before the bright sun of truth in time to come. It is therefore necessary that an all out effort should be made from all quarters and social life to inculcate truthful and honest life to children and young people so that our future generation may not curse the ancestors.

                                                                                         S. N. Chaudharie

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The Author of this Article is basically an Advocate and as well as a social worker. He worked in a leading newspaper of its time named PIONEER as sub editor.

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