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31: Impacts Of Board Certified Teachers On Student
Several other studies compared the effectiveness of teachers in North Carolina and Florida in terms of their students' reading and mathematics achievement before, during, and after their teachers earned board certification.

32: Stages for the Process
Pictorial interfaces could make the process of inquiry more explicit and therefore more suited to the K-I2 context.

33: Community Support
The analysis indicated the most effective patrol areas and times.

34: High Tech Support Systems for Spatial Thinking
. The chapter is divided into three sections: Section 7.2 sets GIS in the context ofa suite of high-tech tools for supporting spatial thinking.

35: Providing Skilled spatial Thinkers
The thrust of the Secretary of Labor's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) report was that "for most of this century,

36: Spatial Thinking Overview
Section 4.3 turns to the development of expertise in spatial thinking, showing how expertise is a function of time and how it involves the use of spatial representations.

37: Walter Christaller as a Spatial Thinker
Although some learning occurs informally, much depends upon the formal education system. Chapter 4 considers the teaching and learning of spatial thinking skills

38: Educational Institutions in India.
India Is the Country of Diversity. India is having 53 billionaires; which is the worlds fourth highest. But the same country has over 3 million children living on the streets.

Among the world's 10 richest people, four are Indians. On the other side, 17 million Indian children work as laborers.
India's economy is galloping around 7% GDP growth. As well as 1 millions children die every year due to lack of immunization facilities!

39: Green and Eco Friendly School Fundraisers
School fundraisers have become more important over the last few years as federal, state and district funding of basic education and school activities has been reduced.

40: NCERT Solutions: Resolving Problems
The National Council of Educational Research and Training i.e. NCERT with headquarters in New Delhi, is the topmost resource institute that has been set up by the Government of India, to help out as well as recommend the Central as well as different State Governments on academic issues pertaining to school education.

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