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11: James Rutherford
Engineering is So I lere We Go My idea is that the engineering community not only work toward increasing its presence in the schools, but that it do so in a way that provides the nation with the capacity to create curricula that respond to 2l0-century needs in a 2l0-century way.

12: Lessons Learned by heart
The development of technology-engineering resources and programs is much more likely to be successful when many states are working toward a similar goal.

13: Development of Department Policies
The alignment of all of these policies means that schools and districts now have the support they need to develop academic its programs.

14: Conclusions on Survey and Analysis of Education
It would make sense, however, to seek ways of developing these standards in cooperation with countries that, according to this survey, have some experience and may have gained some useful insights.

15: Capabilities And Contexts
In principle, it would be interesting to use the same distinction in standards for precollege-university engineering education.

16: Different Standards In Education
It may well be that in anticipation of these difficulties other countries have abstained from using more than one approach at a time to indicate progression.

17: functions Of Levels In Standards
For instance, one standard has in level 8 "understand integrated complex multiple staged scientific principles and mathematical relationships underpinning conservation of energy," while in all lower levels the word "complex" does not appear; the "scientific principles and mathematical relationships" are present only in level 6 and up. Several standards have combinations of the four options for progression, which makes it difficult to characterize the overall progression in these standards.

18: Get A Consensus Before Beginning Your Research
The purpose of the guidelines would be to improve the quality of engineering education materials, accelerate their development, and increase the number of individuals and groups that can use them, without developing actual standards.

19: Evolving K-12 Engineering Education
The on core committee further suggests that participant stakeholder groups in building a consensus ideas in engineering include the following: Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professional societies Schools of engineering.

20: Something about the Educational Standards
In 2000, ITEA released Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology, and NCTM published its revised standards in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.

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