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101: How to conquer Maths Anxiety?
Math anxiety or fear of Maths is a common problem among students in India and across the world. Most students fear getting poor marks in Maths exam. This fear turns out to be the biggest obstacle in their way of learning Maths.

102: e-Learning: The new age learning technology
Electronic learning, popularly known as e-Learning is a technology enabled learning process that helps people to learn anytime and anywhere with the help of audio, video and other multimedia presentations. e-Learning is reliable, convenient and inexpensive and offers 24*7 study support to the students, parents and teachers.

103: CBSE India introduces a common syllabus for Maths & Science!
CBSE India and HRD ministry’s decision to introduce common syllabus for Maths & Science in classes XI & XII has received well from certain corners but has received considerable flak from highly reputed bodies like the NCERT.

104: Kids playing school
Kids playing School aim to encourage a child to wonder, to think, to feel and to imagine. Kids playing School is successful because it satisfies our basic human need to interact with other people and to be valued by them.

105: Play School
Play School began life on 21st April 1964.India is a land where family bonding is quite strong and a child begins his first years of education perpetually from home. Because it is believed what parents and grandparents can teach, none else can.

106: Pre School
Preschool education or Infant education is the provision of education for children before the commencement of statutory and obligatory education, usually between the ages of zero or three and five, depending on the jurisdiction.

107: Score great marks in SSC (Maharashtra SSC Board)
Exams always bring a sense of fear, stress and anxiety for students. Majority of the students in Maharashtra SSC Board spend sleepless nights, have troubled thoughts, a rapid pulse and trembling hands at the thought of SSC exams. Scoring good marks in SSC is need no longer be viewed as a miracle. If the students work hard and practice well before SSC exams, they can surely expect a great report card.

108: Face the challenges of exams with CBSE Sample Papers
CBSE sample papers are designed as per the marks (content wise) allocation scheme of CBSE. These are the best tools that can assist students in evaluating their preparation level before appearing for the main exams. CBSE sample papers can also help the students to manage speed during answering the questions and familiarize them with the CBSE marking scheme.

109: Revision techniques for ICSE Papers
Students preparing for the ICSE papers can make their revision exercise effective by following the right technique. They should set realistic goals, study in the right atmosphere, include small study breaks and use the right tools for revising.

110: Formative Assessment - The holistic method of evaluation
Formative Assessments are meant to help students by providing timely feedback and thus giving scope for improvement in the ‘weak’ areas during the course of the teaching-learning process. Teachers can effectively use formative assessments to make their interactions with parents more meaningful by providing specific feedback on every child’s performance.

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