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61: Astrology as science in our life
There are nine planets, twelve houses and twenty seven Nakshatras governing the horoscope of a person, which forms the base of giving all type of predictions in a persons horoscope made on the basis of his time of birth, date of birth and place of birth. Each house represents scores of things or events in a person's life.

62: Know about your birth stone
It Jupiter is weak and is adverse in your all types of activities, riches, aroma, frame progress, married life etc, wear yellow sapphire is gold ring. Gold ring should be of 7 carats and the weight of yellow sapphire should be 4 carats or more.

63: Your Name and Numerology finds your Life Path
Numbers associated with you lies in your first and last name. By adding and deleting a number to your name can bring a difference to your life.

64: Numerology – How Numbers Can Change The Destiny of Your Life
Do you sometimes feel that what you are doing is not what you want to do? Shifting to a new house is creating problems in your life? Numerology tells us that how numbers associated with our life has answers to all the questions arising in your mind. We just have to find out what our Core numbers are.

65: Kundli Software Helps You Get Rashi Results And Free Kundli Matching
Kundli software helps you to know all about your rashi. Free kundli matching is available online these days on many sites. Also, you can download Kundli software to your desktop.

66: Do You Know Hubble Space Telescope?
The Hubble Space Telescope is the largest diameter telescope, which is sent into orbit. The overall length of the Hubble Space Telescope is 12.8 meters. The lens cone diameter of the Hubble Space Tele

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