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Ways of Fixing Blue Screen Error in Computers

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Suppose you are working on your computer and suddenly the PC freezes. The display screen of your PC turns blue. What will you do in this scenario? You should note the Windows error information. When you are noting down, make sure that you are copying the hexadecimal values and the error code in caps, in exactly the pattern it is written over there. The common problems that you face with the system are due to the incompatibility between the new hardware which you have installed and the driver. A good computer repair service provider will guide you in the most effective way.

Here are given some Windows instructions which will help you to determine the requirements for fixing the issue.

Guidance for Fixing the Issues

Firstly, disconnect the hardware device and uninstall all the drivers from the computer system. Has this helped in resolving the blue screen error? If the answer is yes, browse through the Internet and visit manufacturer’s site for hardware device. You should search for the latest or recent drivers’ version. When you have found one, install this new driver after downloading it. If you want, you can take the technical help from PC support services.

Now, check the message of the blue screen error to find out whether Windows provide you a specific driver. Haven’t you installed any new hardware on then system? If so, then the driver which is responsible for all these problems might corrupt. Your old driver should be uninstalled and the new one is to be reinstalled. If you get stuck, get the online technical support from an expert service provider.

As you see a blue screen error, make use of the ‘Event Viewer’. Generally Windows keep on adding information to the log files of your system. You should review these files and utilize the information at the time of troubleshooting the computer.

Click Start menu – click Run where you have to type in ‘eventvwr.msc’ in the command box. As soon as you press OK, the window of ‘Event Viewer’ pops up on your screen. In this window, browse through the left panel and as you highlight the ‘System’ or ‘Application’ you will get to see ‘Warning’, ‘Information’ and ‘Error’. You will events sorted by the time of their occurrence. Scroll down to the time you last restarted your machine and double click on events.

You will get to know about the event type by reading the event message under Properties. Your next step should be to connect to the internet and with the help of any search engine, get to know more about the ways of fixing a definite type of blue screen error. Type in the event ID in the search box and browse through the websites for any kind of technical support or advice. Browsing through the website will also help you in identifying the steps you have to take for resolving the blue screen error of your computer. Don’t you believe it? There are many renowned services that are capable of providing you quality services.

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