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Little About W32 Blaster Worm & Way to Remove It

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by: TressaMorissette755
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Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 Time: 4:30 PM

Here we will discuss simple tricks to remove W32 Blaster Worm.
Prior to attempting sharing W32 Blaster Worm removal techniques we must review what W32 Blaster Worm actually stands for.

Explantion of W32 Blaster Worm.
The W32 Blaster Worm is a nasty computer worm that infects Microsoft Windows disrupting its normal functioning. When it appears, it obstructs the computers O.S. delaying the length of a project.

This worm is also known by MS-Blast, Lovesan and Lovsan and especially targets the Windows XP operating system.

The W32 Blaster Worm was identified on August 11, 2003 because its obnoxiousness escalated and affected millions and millions of computers everywhere. Immediately it had the attention of ISP engineers who quickly controlled the worm via ISP filtration. This was the fastest solution that IT engineers came up with but the problem still persists. This is the main reason that individuals need to learn how to remove the W32 Blaster Worm if they regularily use Microsoft XP.

Emergence of W32 Blaster Worm
Eighteen year old Lee Parson developed the computer-worm to create problems for Microsoft Window users. Albeit his crime may have been forgotten when Lee Parsons was sentenced to one and half years imprisonment, the obnoxious menace that has been established is still active affecting many computers as an invisible predator, decreasing its Windows's operation.

Ways to Remove W32 Blaster Worm<

Following are the simple tricks for removing W32 Blaster Worm from computer.

*Install the Microsoft patch on your PC and then run a tool for W32 Blaster Worm removal manually. This process is great as it prevents the computer from getting shut down abruptly when removing W32 Blaster Worm from it.
*Click on the 'Start' and "Run" option.

*Write "shutdown-a" to stop the PC from shutting down.

*Download Microsoft and install its patch, MS03-09.

*Run the Worm Removing Tool that you had chosen.

*Re-start the computer and repeat the Blaster Worm removal process in order to ensure 100% cleaning of W32 Blaster Worm.

*You should consider downloading antivirus and antimalware software also so you can protect your computer system from any virus attacks.

Additional Simple Trick to Use for Blaster Worm Removal
*Download to your computer Microsoft patch MS03039.

*Display Window's Task Manager on computer screen by pressing Control, Alt and Delete key together.

*Click on 'Process' - It will show many programs running on computer.

*In place of abruptly ending any unknown programs along with the unscrupulous ones like penis32.exe, mspatch.exe, enbiei.exe, mslaugh.exe, msblast, and teekids.exe should be terminated by clicking on End Process.

Effects of W32 Blaster Worm

*Windows performance is slowed.

*Shuts down computer system.

*It targets computer systems using Windows-2000, Windows-NT 4, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.

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