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Keylogger for Mac to Monitor Users on Your PC

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by: macrefog
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Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 Time: 3:50 AM

 Internet and computers are   vital to the entertainment of households , study and communication.  The value of Internet for children as well as adults is  without a doubt, enormoous.   To realize the dangers of the virtual world  ios also a must . For this reason, it is essential that children are properly monitored when they are using the Internet. Using parental control software is very important for setting certain rules and restrictions, but in this day and age, parents need more than just parental control software by itself. For those who have Macintosh computers in their homes, there are also solutions for monitoring and restricting the access to the Internet for children and others. The perfect solution comes in the form of REFOG Mac Keylogger, a powerful and fully-featured keylogger for Mac.

Disturbing  elements contribute to the fact that many homes, children can access the Internet  without monitoring. While those with Macintosh computers may use the built-in parental controls including with the Mac operating system, this is not often enough by itself. More computer-savvy youngsters have no problem finding a way around these controls. In other cases, there are also many dangers on the Internet which are not restricted by parental control software. Without proper monitoring, you will never know what your children are doing on the Internet before it is too late. Many families have found out the hard way, having suffered the sometimes devastating consequences of unchecked Internet usage by children. Monitoring these activities will allow you to find out about anything inappropriate that is happening before the situation can get beyond your control.

 If children are monitored with a keylogger for Mac,  all users of this PC Will be recorded. Some people use keyloggers, for example, to catch out a cheating spouse. In cases which a spouse is suspected of paying a fortune for subscriptions to pornographic websites, or conducting inappropriate relationships with members of the opposite sex, a keylogger for Mac is a surefire way of catching them out.

The REFOG Keylogger for Mac is the ultimate surveillance solution for any Macintosh computer. The software requires no special knowledge to install and use. It also runs invisibly, so that no one other than you, the owner of the computer, needs to know that it is running. Even in the person using the computer somehow finds out that the keylogger software is running, they will be unable to switch it off or reconfigure it thanks to the password protection feature. You will still receive accurate and reliable reports of all of the activities of those using your computer.

REFOG Keylogger for Mac record every keystroke , allowing you to read entire conversations and emails sent , websites visited  as well as  programs used. It will also take screenshots periodically, enabling you to review an entire visual history of your computer's usage. With all of this information available at your fingertips, you can enjoy complete control over the way your computer is used. For more information, visit .

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