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Streamline Your Data Transmission using Fiber Optic Testing

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Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 Time: 4:27 AM

Transmitting information in the form of voice or data from one place to another through an optical fiber is the most widespread technology in the field of communication. An optical fiber, as per total internal reflection process, transmits optical signals along its axis. Attenuation of signals in fiber optics, also known as the transmission loss could result in the loss of receiving and sending valuable and important data. Fiber Optic cleaning and Fiber Optic Testing are the two ways to reduce signal losses thereby maximizing its intensity.

Loss of transmission can be due to deposition of dust and dirt particles, thereby leaving the fiber optic unclean. The result of such deposition can adversely affect telecom companies that are in the business of transmitting digital, analog and radio signals meant for utilities and services like telephone, mobile, internet and cable television.

Fiber Optic Testing procedure includes - basic inspection and cleaning, verification tests, certification testing and advance OTDR testing for troubleshooting and finally the analysis of the tested cable. The main benefits of optical fiber are exceptionally lesser loss and no overlaps of signals and this can only be sustained by following proper cleaning and testing procedures or merely regularly inspecting them for any.

Ferrule cleaning system can be used to clean the optical fiber before testing of any signal losses, so that if the transmission failure were because of dust or any other foreign particle then it would be cleared in no time. Cleaner fiber optic cable is very essential in transmitting information continuously and without any interruption for high-speed data communication.

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