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Tips And Tricks For Microsoft Office 2007

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Navigating the documents
In other versions of Word, when driving a giant document, it was tedious browsing its pages. To help in this common and, until now, forgotten homework, Word 2007 has included a new view mode is available in the tab view , group Show / Hide , where we find the option Thumbnails .
Removes information attached
Many times, when you go to the properties of a document, you see data, names, dates and items that may not belong there and can get uncomfortable. How can you remove? The trick is to go to the button Office and choose Inspect Document function. A smart new capacity that lets you get under control comments, corrections, property and other items marked for documents come "clean" to your recipients.
Academic works
If you are someone who devotes his life to research and publish scholarly articles, Word 2007 can help. Apart from its traditional options for creating indexes, tables of contents, tables of authorities, appointments, pages, etc.., Includes an exquisite control to the bibliography. Within the tab references , see the group quotes and bibliography . There, you can manage your fonts by creating a database with the literature on the job. Choose the agreement in literature that interests you from the drop-down style (APA, Chicago, Turabian, ISO 690, MLA, etc.) and click Insert date, select Add a source . You will see a window with options to the convention you've chosen to use in your work to create the appointment quickly and orderly.
In fact it is so powerful that allows you to determine, even the origin of the document (book, section of a book, article, section of a paper or electronic versions of documents). Once you have drawn up your bibliographic database, all that remains another great option, available on the button Bibliography . In one click, you can insert all the literature on a new page, and any changes you make in it, will be updated automatically in the total. We can say that this option by itself offers compelling reasons for upgrading all those connected with research and academic publication.

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