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New Linux Products Popular at Consumer Electronics Show

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by: carltonalvin
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Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 Time: 4:09 AM

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an excellent location for consumers and industry insiders to gather information regarding the most recent consumer electronics and newly released gadgets. Up until now, the spotlight had been on Google's Android. All the same, this year Linux was a star, based on a account. Take a look at several of the Linux items which were introduced at this year's CES.

The XO 3.0 tablet

This tablet pc is affordable, durable and also needs considerably less energy. It is ideal for education and learning all around the world could also be used to run specialized presentations, like unix courses courses. The display can be read in direct sun light and can even be charged by way of solar panels or by other alternative sources of energy. This special screen is called the Pixel Qi sunlight readable display. It will run all Linux dependent programs and the expected pricing is under $100.


This gadget is a must have for all those who love to cook. This is a touch screen tablet created by Unowhy, a French manufacturer. It's resistant to any ingredients or liqiuds that may inadvertently get splashed on it, and the display screen is easily cleaned using a sponge or cloth. The buttons are waterproof too. This particular tablet supplies it's owner access to no less than 3500 recipes, nearly half of which will be coupled with videos. You can also find interactive services which feature a grocery list and meal planner. This device runs a custom made version of Linux and is expected to retail for $399. The Qooq incorporates a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor. The tablet also provides regular multimedia programs like email, web browsing, MP3 and local weather.

Ubuntu TV

Canonical has made a brand new version of its Ubuntu Linux os. This specific new operating system is made for use on smart TV's. It features the Unity interface. It will be sold to television set manufacturers who will be able to then customize it in accordance with the requirements of their equipment. The fact that Canonical was showcased at CES this year is an indication of the increasing interest in Linux.

X1 Hybrid ThinkPad by Lenovo

This completely new laptop by Lenovo is priced at $1599 and has an exceptional battery stretching Instant Media Mode, which is based on Linux. The version of Linux entailed here is a custom release. To change to this Instant Media Mode one simply has to click an icon on the home display. This mode includes 16 GB memory, a customized operating system which is based upon Linux, along with a Qualcomm dual core processor. When this mode is started, the laptop performs similarly to a smart phone. It stays turned on, but must have far fewer periods of charging. This ThinkPad is designed for corporations, organizations and for use by participants in xml classes.

These types of new products run by Linux are exciting for gadget devotees. Especially those who like Linux powered products and solutions. Even though it has not been in the spotlight the last few years, this years' CES saw key changes in the part enjoyed by Linux. Even though there were lots of tablets that were Android based, Linux made people take notice.

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