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How do I turn off Automatic Restart in Windows?

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by: igennie5
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Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 Time: 4:33 AM

Blue screen of death is a common issue faced by almost all Windows users. But what accompanies immediately to the BOD is the automatic restart in Windows which gets executed at a lightning speed without letting you read the error message and understanding what is the recent error that is affecting the computer performance. You might want this automatic reboot of windows to seize to stop the reboot from being executed every time a BOD or any major problem occurs. If you are not confident enough o tackles this issue, do not panic as you can now always avail the online tech support services that can provide you with adept Microsoft Windows support over turning off the automatic reboot of the Windows.

There are a number of online tech support teams who are certified and trained to handle system issues and efficiently resolve Windows issues whether minor or major. These tech support providers are readily available through phone or Internet throughout the day at any point of time. Once contacted through the toll free numbers, they provide prompt and apt Support for Windows and get the errors removed from roots and deliver you a healthily performing PC. Apart from Windows issues various other software related issues can be instantly taken care of and fixed by the expert technicians who also make you understand the causes and the steps they implement to resolve the problem. A very reasonable rate is charged for the unparallel support service they offer for their customers. 

iGennie is one such adroit tech support service provider who fosters highly trained and professional technicians who are adept in resolving various Windows generated issues and other computer problems too. The polite and patient tech experts once come to know your issue, offers prompt and proper tech support through remote access via Internet, get issues diagnosed and offer the requisite service to ensure that your system runs perfect and fast. Being Microsoft certified, providing connoisseur tech assistance and Windows Support is their forte. Hence, to turn off the automatic rebooting of you Windows would be dealt with expertise.  Issues resolved are attempted regardless of the complexity involved. Any issue, any time, any day, just get in touch with iGennie and relax as your system gets treated and optimized to let you enjoy a smooth and swift computing experience.



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