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Improvements in Microsoft office 2007

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by: pankaj11
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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 Time: 5:21 AM

Interface accommodates
One of the interface changes is the introduction of the Ribbon , which brings together the tools for the tasks most frequently performed and places them in an optimal position.
Before starting with tricks and techniques, should dedicate some lines to the major changes in the application in its latest version. Thus, the chip area consists of eight tabs, from which hang various groups related items that glow when you hover your mouse pointer. Within each group, you can see different commands as a button or menu box to perform an action. If you miss any, click the Dialog Box Launcher, a small square icon available within each group in the lower right side through which we get the typical options of previous versions.

A novelty is the Mini Toolbar . When you select a text and point out briefly appears in a floating with the text formatting options most commonly used. Now if you do not like the Mini, you can disable the button Office , going to Word Options . Click the tab more often and disables theShow Mini Toolbar when selected. However, the customization possibilities do not end here. Even if you do not like the font Calibriordered by default, go to the tab Home , group source and click the Dialog Box Launcher , choose your preferred font and format and set it as Default . Experimenting with these options, adapting the Word interface to your liking.

Control your space

Word 2007 has a strange habit of putting fixed space between paragraphs with the same style and can not simply remove the clear key, which is very uncomfortable at times. To remove, go to the path Start / Paragraph and click the I niciador Dialog (icon at the bottom left). Here, get into the tab Indents and Space and uncheck the option to not add space between paragraphs of same style .

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