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81: How to Password Protect your Windows 7?
This article will tell you how to make a user login password on Win7.

82: Improvements In Microsoft Frontpage And Access 2003
FrontPage does not change very little: the interface has been refined and some new page designs were added

83: Improvements In Microsoft Office 2003
As for classics, Word, Excel and Access, for lack of great revolution, the new versions have the advantage of efficiency and gain in simplicity.

84: How To Add And Remove Startup Programs In Windows
This list is useful to know what programs are taking inutilkes and therefore unnecessary memory, as well as recognized if a virus or a Trojan did not quietly installed on your PC.

85: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (x86/x64)
Dowload and installation of the Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

86: How to Repair Windows Update Error 0x8000FFFF
The windows update error 0x8000FFFF is really a really widespread error which is usually encountered by users of Windows Vista.

87: Forgot Windows 7 Password?
I know they urgently need to access Windows 7 for different reasons. they are worry that the Win7 OS would be destroied and their data would be lost.

88: How to Prevent Windows Password Lost?
This article tells you how to create a Windows password reset disk and a password hint to in case you forgot Windows password.

89: How to Reset Windows Password With an Standard User Account?
This article mainly tells you how to change a standard account to an administrator one, so you can reset Windows password, download software, etc. with a standard user account, and the basic information about the 3 types of Windows user accounts.

90: Forgot Windows Password - How to Reset the Password without Admin Rights?
Forgot Windows password? This article could help you regain access to your locked computer When you forgot Windows password.

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