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Things you should know before buying data racks

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by: Shane G
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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 Time: 11:59 PM

As an owner of server the first thing to come to mind will be to get a holder for it. The server racks or data racks are meant for holding a server in a good condition, be it in your home or in your office when you are a business owner. A data rack is needed for anyone who has a server of his own for keeping your server safe and sound and in its place. Data racks are widely used in networking and telecommunications industry.


A few things you should know before buying data racks:


  • For keeping the data racks safe and secure there are straps which are screwed on to the holder for preventing movement. And then the data holder itself is screwed on to the wall for keeping the server sturdy and stable.


  • Data racks or server racks are great for keeping the server safely in good condition. When you have frequent activity in your home or business, the data racks prove to be great. Moreover, in areas of natural disasters like earth quakes they offer good protection to the server.


  • Before buying data racks you need to consider its height, width and depth and find out if it fits in your requirements. The heights of server racks are usually measured in 'u', increments of size with one 'u' equals to 44.45mm high.


  • Before buying a data rack it is necessary to think about the equipment you are going to use inside your server rack. Once you get an idea of the space the equipment is going to occupy you can choose the rack according to that measurement.


  • Plan it well in advance. While choosing a data rack choose the one which is capable to expand at least 10-15% in future. It may happen that you suddenly need to expand the equipment in your data racks. Having provision for that in advance you can save additional costs, time and hassles associated with changing your existing rack to a new one.


  • It is important to note that the 'u' value indicates the internal space of the data rack; therefore, you cannot get very clear idea about the external dimensions of the rack. As the size of the data rack varies to a great extent you need to be careful about the internal as well as external measurements before buying one so that you can fit them in your home or office conveniently. Among the racks 19"data racks are mostly in demands which are largely used in telecommunication and networking industry, video, audio industry and so on.


  • The width of most of the server racks are 600mm or 800mm. For complex type of server arrangement and when you do not have extreme shortage of floor space a wider rack is advisable as this enable you to organise your cables in a better way.


  • The depth of the data racks is getting higher importance as rather than taller and shallower racks the demand of shorter and deeper ones are increasing. But one thing to consider that the actual working space within a data rack will be approximately 150mm less than the original measurement for depth.


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About the Author

Shane G is a network engineer who has been working with a number of reputed IT companies for more than 5 years now. He has written a number of instruction manuals on networking and computer hardware. He is providing some valuable information on data racks to his readers and suggests using 19” data racks that are known to serve nearly all the purpose of server.


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