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Ultrabook War among PC Makers in 2012

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by: ednarpilgrim
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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 Time: 9:03 PM

What do you expect about laptops? Thinner? Better screen and keyboard? Longer battery life? Better performance? The one who owns all the features above is ultrabook. An Ultrabook is a higher-end type of subnotebook defined, and name trademarked, by Intel. Ultrabooks are designed to feature reduced size and weight, and extended battery life without compromising performance. Ultrabook got the attention of all of us since it appeared in 2011. And from then on, all of the pc makers are busy making ultrabooks and want to get this big market. What will these be in 2012? Let us have a look at the war among these pc makers.

Many makers who did not have a line of ultrabooks start to show their products. MSI has announced its X-Slim Series X370 laptop computers, which weigh in at as little as 1.4kg, and are 22.8mm thick. The X370 range has the AMD Radeon HD 6320 discrete graphics processor, and a 13.4 inch HD LED backlit screen. The laptop range runs on AMD's new dual core E-450 processor, which draws just 18w of electricity, which, when combined with MSI's ECO Engine Power saving technology, with five different power modes, can provide up to ten hours of operational battery life.

And those who have already had lines of ultrabooks also try to improve their laptops. Samsung has launched their latest ultra-slim second generation Notebook Series 9 in South Korea, featuring a 2nd generation Intel Core i5 processor and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. Samsung claims this as the thinnest laptop in the World, as it is so thin that it is at 12.9mm, weighing 3.5lbs. All those hours didn’t go to waste as the Samsung Note Series 9 comes with a load of awesome features like the 15-inch HD+ super bright plus screen, 256GB SSD, 4GB DDR 3 Ram, USB 3.0, 7 multi-ports, back-lit keyboard,10 hours of battery life and runs on Windows 7.

And Hewlett Packard has announced it’ll launch its latest ultrabook in the Australian market at the end of this month, in a bid to gain a foothold in the rapidly increasing light-weight and thin profile laptop market. Technical features aside, the Spectre comes with support for high-quality audio system Beats Audio, as well as full copies of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Adobe Premiere Elements 10, two years worth of protection with Norton Internet Security and dedicated support for this product. Features of the device includes a 14″ display, an Intel Core i5 Processor, 128GB of solid state storage, HD webcam, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, HDMI and Mini DisplayPort functionality. The battery is said to last up to nine and a half hours.

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