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Importance of Ethernet Modems in Fast Paced World

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by: kathleen
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Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 Time: 8:06 AM

In a world with global competition where customers compare quality, prices and services, finding the perfect product on demand is one of the most difficult challenges. One of the technical products found on rare basis and only on demands in the market is Industrial VPN Routers. It has been designed for system integrators in utilities and infrastructure projects and machine builders or OEMS. The USP of these products is that they offer full internet access to the PLCs or automation either via its serial or Ethernet port. These products also serve as an excellent platform to collect data into integral tags, generate alarm notifications and buffer data by integrating with many PLC programming environment.

These routers also feature tunnelling functions for regular and permanent internet connection. Here, the machine builders and OEMs will make the proper use of Talk2M to obtain full advantage of broadband or mobile internet to remotely connect to their machines and installations across the world. Its simplicity could be judged by its web connectivity that is secured by VPN, thereby, providing reliable communication at optimized costs.

Standing at the same platform, Ethernet Modems, another of its technical product used in the process of communication basically allows any modem communication application to carry out their interaction via LAN. Boycotting hardware modems, these modems allow the applicant to dial remote IP address instead of making a dial-direct call using hardware modem.

These modems prove beneficial in the process of getting rid of the painful experiences gifted by the hardware modems like busy phone lines, phone charges, unreliability of phone connection and many more. The things taken under consideration by this programme are:

1.Enables modem communication applications automatically without software changes.
2.No phone call charges.
3.Releases from the use of phone line or modem requirement.
4.Speed is quite faster than the hardware modems.
5.Gifted with independent location. To be precise, the virtual modem can be used anywhere in the world where internet access is available.
6.Network access can be limited on this virtual modem using any firewall software.

Looking at the larger number of benefits provided by virtual modems, its use has been increased successfully in spheres such as financial systems, credit card transaction, legal information database access, real estate information systems, device control and data acquisition, building automation and security systems.

Thus, the speed and the quality of the communication process can be enhanced only by the use of Ethernet Modems.

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