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The Microsoft SAM Showdown Is Coming - Just Be Prepared!

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by: Cameronwhitee
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Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 Time: 11:47 PM

We lately found a very attractive article on the InfoWorld which highlights the pending showdowns between Microsoft SAM as well as certain portions of the customer base. We consider that the points hoisted in the piece make a solid argument intended for the usage of the software assets management (SAM) solution.

In case you're one among those Microsoft SAM clients facing pending contracts renewals in the nearer future, you'll desire to be fully ready for the negotiation procedure. And, SAM could provide you with the insight into what you've - and what you actually need - before you reach at the bargaining tables.

Just a fewer short years ago, The Microsoft SAM had been riding high. This back-to-back rollout of Office 2007 as well as Vista prompted many agencies to purchase higher volume licenses. Consequently, Microsoft SAM saw the Q4, 2007 revenue jump 1.8 billion dollars over the preceding year.

Since the majority of those contracts are intended for 3-year terms, the Microsoft SAM had been bracing itself for the renewal period that perhaps won't be so profitable. Why? Since the software landscape had changed significantly ever since 2007. With the easier and more inexpensive options, like the Google Docs, available, & initial reviews of the Office 365 proving lesser than stellar, the Microsoft SAM customers may find it easier for switching than to do fight with the software colossal.

Whether you plan for staying with Microsoft SAM, otherwise jump on those Google Docs bandwagon, a best approach to get is one of attentiveness. You will want to be acquainted with exactly somewhere you stand before talk begins. Software asset management could provide valuable insight to your Microsoft SAM environment. Which licenses were allocated and which remain unused? Who is using the applications, as well as how?

They are leveraging only the majority basic features - the features that are as well available in solutions which are extra cost-efficient as well as easier to use.

The SAManage is a foremost provider of the Seas Information Technology Management services, to help organizations efficiently manage IT Assets like computers, software, contract & software licenses, and to detect potential IT risk or license compliance gap. Delivered over the net as the on-demand service, the SAManage can be simply deployed across multiple sites within minutes & provide visibility into the complex IT infrastructures for ensuring optimized IT asset utilizations.

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