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IP Integration Service Providers

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by: Mairead G. Murphy
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Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 Time: 2:15 AM

Do you need help to enhance your IP design or the verification functioning? If you answer is in the affirmative then approaching a renowned IP integration provider can certainly help you a great deal in achieving positive results. These organizations have an answer to all you integration problems. Most companies offer a set of tools that produces correct-by-construction codes and documents that augments and speeds up the Internet Protocol. These tools also help create IP hand-off for both internal and external teams. It also helps you recognize complete interfaces to the IP. You can gain more knowledge on component, port and registration as well.

A good IP integration will consist of qualified and experienced professionals. They would ensure that their service adds value to the overall functioning of the business. Their skilled set of staff possesses immense knowledge on the subject. They have proven ability to help you achieve the desired result. A good IP integration company would ensure that their service is available in all stages of the company process be it planning, implementation, development. The IP Tool offered by these companies makes certain that a proper coherency checks is done to confirm that the data captured is reliable and accurate. Another important advice while performing coherency check is to run a check prior to the final go so that you are sure that the output that is generated with the help of a valid specification.

The most common auto-generated outputs by the IP integration software consists documentation such as HTML, MS Word, PDF and many other document formats. It also includes the registers and ports of these formats related to the IP. With the help of your service a complete datasheet of full IP can be easily achieved through automatic service. The best part is that these generators are completely personalized so that logos and fonts can be conveniently reproduced according to the customers’ requirements. Another outputs that are produced include SystemC listed model, C headers which is used for verification and software access, UVM/ OVM SystemVerilog, VR_AD register, Verilog RTL, and number of interfaces, ports, bitfields and registers etc to name a few. The benefit of using IP integration is that all the above mentioned outputs are rapidly generated within few seconds. If there are any changes in the IP specification results, there is an instant update to all the related collateral so that all the team members are in sync at any given point of time.

If your IP developer is qualified and experienced, you can be rest assured that you will get good IP designs in a format that is easy to reuse and much faster than the older one. Browsing through the net carefully will help you locate a reputed provider. You can also demand for a free evaluation of your IP tool. Their engineers will do a thorough check of the integration tool that shall help you take a wise decision whether or not you should hire them. So, switch to the net and improve the overall functioning of your organization.

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