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71: The impact of the digital threat upon global consumption of music.
With the introduction of high-speed internet connections in the homes, the music industry is currently going through one of its major challenges. Today record companies make claims that increasing internet music piracy could lead to the collapse of the industry.

72: Are You Looking for Specialized Joomla Hosting Service?
As the official hosting provider for Joomla, Rochen is the most experienced and trusted Joomla hosting option available for any and all Joomla-powered websites. Rochen’s performance-tuned and purpose-built platform is seamlessly secured for websites who require special Joomla Hosting.

73: Specialized Drupal Hosting Services and Solutions
As a full organization member of the Drupal Association, Rochen is one the most experienced and trusted Drupal hosting option available for any and all Drupal-powered websites. Rochen’s performance-tuned and purpose-built platform is seamlessly secured for websites who require special Drupal Hosting.

74: What are the Benefits of Open Source Platforms?
This article discusses the benefits of open source platforms with web hosting solutions. Rochen Hosting’s web hosting solutions are performance-tuned for hosting dynamic database powered applications, perfect for Joomla hosting or any PHP/MYSQL script.

75: Five Reasons For WordPress and WordPress Hosting
There are free publishing platforms now available that are easy to use and have the flexibility one needs to make a site truly their own. Here are five reasons to choose the publishing platform WordPress for your website.

76: How To Launch A Blog?
One of the most popular and free weblog software services is WordPress. WordPress offers an amazing amount of free features that balances functionality and custom design. If you are looking for high quality, reliable and secure web hosting for your WordPress website or blog, then Rochen is the answer.

77: Make a Living With Reseller Hosting.
For many entrepreneurs, reseller hosting is an inexpensive way to start their own company. Rochen Performance Hosting offers a privately branded reseller hosting service that is ideal for web designers, developers and other entrepreneurs looking to offer their own web hosting service or for anyone who simply has greater needs than can be met by regular hosting plans.

78: Don’t Get Greenwashed.
Don’t get Greenwashed. Let Rochen Hosting provide you with the true green hosting service you want without sacrificing the beliefs you have.

79: Here are Some Business Hosting Solutions.
If you don’t want to get suckered into a bad contract or unreliable service, you may want to do some research to find the right business hosting solution for your company. Rochen Hosting offer two types of shared web hosting plans designed to accommodate single domain and multiple domain users as well as business hosting customers.

80: Green Business Hosting Initiatives For Your Business
The growing concern for environmental and climate change in recent years has many industries and businesses searching for new “green” initiatives that not only minimize their carbon footprints, but save their bottom line from reaching record temperatures. Rochen Performance Hosting is recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as an environmentally friendly company for its work in carbon emission offsetting, increased efficiency in operations and technology, and their commitment to continual improvement.

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