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A Paperless Office - A Reality or a Myth?

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by: noragwilt
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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 Time: 8:06 PM

It was during the 1980's that the size of the computers was reduced in size to personal computers and desk tops which led to lap tops in the 1990's. The concept of a paperless office was visualized during this time as the use of computers became more and more extensive. There was a widespread belief that with the consistent use of computers, the paperless office would be the order of the day. With the internet coming to the fore, people still visualized a paperless office, since all the data would be available on the computer and through networking, branch offices computers could easily be accessed from the Headquarters server. However, with the widespread use of printers in offices, people felt the need of preserving documents and files for record purposes. Thus the paperless office ultimately became a myth than a reality.

Paper Generation

A number of offices today continue to have reams and reams of printed documents which are recorded for safety purposes. One of the major reasons for generating papers is the loss of valuable data in the eventuality of the breakdown of the Server in an organization. The loss of data could prove to be a catastrophe although a back up is always created on other systems. Printers today along with laser and ink jet cartridges as consumables have become one of the most efficient modes of the operations of an office. Some of the finest printers have been produced by Japanese companies, such as Canon, Brother, Epson and Panasonic, to name a few.

Printer Consumables

Almost all printer manufacturing companies supply their own branded laser and ink jet cartridges, such Canon ink and Brother ink cartridges. Canon ink and Brother ink laser jet cartridges are sold as OEM equipment both in online stores as well as other stores. OEM laser and inkjet cartridges are quite expensive. Yet there are certain stores that offer massive discounts on quality products which include Canon ink and Brother ink OEM products or re manufactured laser and ink jet cartridges. Online stores have their products arranged and displayed on the websites along with the prices and discounts to be offered. The net surfer is at an advantage since he can make his purchase online and avail discounts on bulk purchases by paying through his credit card. Additionally there are a number of good product price comparison sites where you can compare prices offered by different online vendors and then purchase the product of your choice.

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