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The Answers To The Common Question- How Can I Send Large Files?

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Email is a very convenient tool to exchange information quickly in electronic format. You can send text and image in an email very easily. Other than this, you can also send email attachment containing photographs, documents, spreadsheets, videos, programs, etc. An obvious question in everybody’s mind is, how can I send large files? It is true that most of the email programs gave limits to the file size that you can send as email attachment. However, there are many options to email large files across.

Sending Using The Normal Method

First, try to send an attachment in the same way as you normally do to send attachment regularly. Thereafter the email program would notify you if the file size crosses normal limits. You need to always keep in mind that different email programs provide different size limit to send an attachment.

Additional Feature Of Email Service Provider

If you see “large file option”, click on it in the email draft section. There are certain email providers that offers special features to email large files. Some email programs would allow you to attach 25 MB normally but with large file option, it would allow you large file transfer. This feature can be made password protected as well.

Hire Web Based Services

You can also use large-file email service which comes for free. You would find several such web based service providers on the Internet designed for large files transfer. You can also created online documents using online storage areas. Then share the link with the recipient instead of doing large file transfer.

Use Of Paid Services And Messengers

Email attachment can be sent using special programs as well, which compress the files to make it smaller. If you are still thinking, “how can I Send large files?”, then must take paid services and they would do the job for you. Large files transfer can be sent if you do not send attachment through email. You can do it using different kinds of messenger services for large file transfer.

Use Of Office Computer In Network And Social Networking Site

However, if you need to do large files transfer, which is official and extremely confident; you can share it through the network of your office computer system as well. Moreover, if you want to share photographs and video but are not able to send an attachment due to certain reason, you can upload it in the social networking sites as well for others to see. Please remember that you should not share very personal things on such sites.

So, you can see that your question, “how can I Send large files?”, has many answers. It is as easy to send an attachment as it is to send email but the problem occurs when one needs to send large files. However, you have many things now to solve the issue.

Summary- Ways To Send Attachment

To help you understand better, here is a summary of the various ways of file transfer:

•    Use normal method first

•    Look for added feature by email service provider

•    Use software to compress the files

•    Use online software to send large files

•    Share through office computer in its network, social networking sites, online documents, messengers, etc.

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